Why You Should Check Your Oil Regularly

When you run a car, there are many things you need to monitor and check. The petrol or diesel (we would suggest Amsoil diesel engine), or the car won’t run, the windshield wiper fluid and water for the engine. Another fluid you should always keep an eye on and regularly top up and eventually change when necessary is the oil. For many car owners, it’s easy to forget these. After all, when your car is running fine, if you are not particularly interested in the inner workings, you are not worried so much about there being any problems

If you have never stopped to think why it is so important that you check the oil levels in your car so regularly, it may be time that you did. To help you understand better why this is so crucial, that’s what we are going to discuss in the following post.

What Checking Your Car’s Oil Can Tell You?

The oil in your car is one of the most important components of the engine as it provides lubrication for the moving parts. This lubrication reduces the amount of friction there is and therefore the amount of heat generated by the moving parts. Without the oil there to do its job, your car’s engine would start to overheat which could lead to very pricey repairs and even the need for a completely new engine.

There are still high heat levels present in your car’s engine though. Even if it’s very healthy. Over time, the oil burns off, and the total volume of oil there is in the system reduces gradually. If you are not careful and don’t replace this oil soon, then all the different parts of the engine that are so important for it to run properly and efficiently become exposed and are more susceptible to damage by corrosion and heat.

When you keep a close eye on your oil, checking it regularly, you will find out what the level is that you need to worry about, when there is not enough oil in. This is the point at which you must replenish it and fill it up with more.

How do you check your oil? 

The first step is to find the dipstick. There is normally a little ring which is usually yellow. You need to pull that and wipe the dipstick of any excess oil and then push it back in the hole you pulled it from. Now, pull it out again and see where the oil is on the stick. There are markings on the stick. If it looks like it is lower than it should be, then you need to fill up your oil. Do it in small volumes so you don’t overfill it. whereas if the dipstick is fine, you can just put it back and continue as normal, remembering to check the oil again in a couple of weeks

How Do You Know the Right Oil to Fill Your Car With?

The spot where you need to add oil for your engine is where you will usually find the information about the kind of oil it requires. Just as you know if your car is a petrol or diesel vehicle, and that it can be dangerous to use the wrong type of fuel, the same is true of oil. You could cause your car and its engine some serious damages, so if you are unsure, there is no harm in getting an expert to check for you.