How To Maintain Your Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles have become the buzz in the automobile industry for good reasons. They require low maintenance, little running costs, and a longer lifespan. Moreover, they don’t produce emissions, making them environmentally friendly. However, learning how to maintain it can increase its efficiency and overall performance. Using an electric vehicle might seem cool, but it can be a safety risk and cause many frustrations without proper maintenance. Also, the battery of your vehicle is the most expensive part; any negligence from you can affect its health and limit its capacity. If you plan on reselling your vehicle later, keeping it in good condition will make it easier to sell. If you have been wondering how to keep your vehicle in top shape, here are three tips. 

  • Battery maintenance 

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As you already know, your battery needs your utmost care if you want to enjoy your electric vehicle without stress. The first thing to take note of is how you charge it. If possible, never allow your battery to get too low or charge to 100%, as this can degrade it quickly. It would be best to charge it when it is down to 20% till it’s full at 80%. If you are traveling a long distance, you can aim for a full charge. However, do this occasionally to maintain your battery. Parking your car in extreme heat or cold can also affect the battery life. Aim for shady areas or garages when it’s hot outside, or get a battery heater in colder seasons. Always pay attention to indicators for any abnormalities and consult a technician for assistance. 

  • Rotate the tires 

Your tires are super important. Without them, you can’t steer in different directions, distribute weight, or slow down your car when applying brakes. Though electric vehicle tires wear out slower than traditional tires, replacing them can be expensive. When rotating, consider taking out the front tires and replacing them with the rear ones, as they are likely to experience more wear and tear due to the pressure they receive when brakes are applied. Also, if you need more information on rotation, you can visit online car marketplaces like Edmunds that provide information on how to maintain your vehicle. Most manufacturers suggest rotating at least every six months.

  • Check your brake

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Checking your brakes doesn’t only ensure your safety, it also contributes to the performance of the vehicle. Constant use of your brakes can wear out your pads and degrade your fluid, leading to brake failure when you need it the most. Pay attention to any strange noises and check for excessive dust and severe wear patterns on one side. Replace your brake fluid when it’s old and contaminated to prevent corrosion of important components in your vehicle. Though electric car brakes are used less frequently than regular cars due to regen, periodically inspecting them is essential.

Whether you’re a new owner or you have been using an electric car for a while, these maintenance tips can help you preserve it.