Uncovering The Cracks Of Driving With A Damaged Windscreen

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You know how it goes; you’re cruising down the ride minding your own when WHAM! Out of nowhere, stone, debris, or even animal hits your windscreen so hard you’re surprised the thing doesn’t shatter on impact. Luckily, no such damage occurs, and you carry on driving, thinking you’ve had the luckiest escape of your life. At least, until you get home and notice the not-so-small crack making its way across your windscreen from the left-hand corner. 

Impacts like these can take surprising tolls on our cars. Far from the splintered shatter we expect, many windscreen collisions lead to a gradual weakening which can lure us into a false sense of security. After all, it’s just a small crack, right? Surely there’s no need to stress about it?

The trouble is that far from making your car simply look more appealing, tackling such cracks fast with the help of companies like northautoglass.com is a matter of life or death. In fact, you should make necessary calls the moment you get home in cases like these to avoid risks moving forward, including – 

Weak spots on your windscreen

Pixabay Image: CC0 License

They say that lightning doesn’t strike twice, but how confident are you to bet your life on that? Like it or not, that’s precisely what you do when you head out with an already-cracked windscreen. That crack is, after all, a weak spot. You might have been lucky enough to come through this collision unharmed, but the same won’t apply next time. If even a small rock ricochets off your damaged windscreen, it will almost inevitably shatter. All because you thought you could get away with ignoring the warning signs. 

Less protection during accidents

Your windscreen is also integral to the structure of your vehicle. If you put off contacting a mechanic, you therefore leave yourself with far less protection. If an accident were to occur, your windscreen will shatter at the slightest impact. What’s more, a rolling vehicle without a windshield is liable to flatten more than you could foresee. And, you can bet a windscreen repair will seem like a small issue should that happen. 

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Reduced visibility

Even a seemingly small windscreen crack can also reduce visibility when you’re driving. And, as can be seen from this report on https://www.sciencedirect.com, reduced visibility in all its forms can have a significant impact on both how liable you are to be involved in an accident, and how bad that accident is likely to be. The fact is that you need full visuals on everything that’s going on around you when you’re driving. If you miss one thing in that windscreen blindspot, it could cost your life or that of someone else. 

The moral to this story is obvious, and it should end in you replacing your windscreen without fail every time cracks appear. There are simply too many risk factors to hold off until payday, or wait and see what happens. Just get it fixed already, and start driving safely again in no time!