3 Practical Questions To Ask Before Going All-In On Electric Vehicles

Pexels – CC0 License

There’s a great deal of buzz and excitement about EV’s as of late. Tesla is opening massive factories all over Europe, developing technology and the adoption of EV charging ports is only becoming more commonplace, and as more models hit the market, more competition allows for better prices and more options for the consumer.

As such, you might have considered purchasing an EV and integrating one into your daily life. But of course, jumping from any technology to the “next phase” requires some careful planning and care. Smartphones are ubiquitous now, but you can bet that during their rise, many people decided they weren’t worth the added cost and unfamiliar usage, perhaps waiting until more people used them before switching.

So – perhaps you’re interested in going all-in on electric vehicles, but you’re not sure if you should. We can’t make that buying decision for you, but we can provide some helpful questions you can use to gauge how capably they could nestle into your lifestyle.

Let’s provide three of those, and hopefully help you achieve a better forward outcome:

What’s The Current Availability Of Charging Stations?

Charging stations are becoming more and more common in urban areas, cities especially, but of course, they’re hardly everywhere just yet. For that reason, there’s a very real chance that you could drive your EV to a new location, realize you have no charges there, and be stuck until you get towed or find a portable charging solution. For some, they don’t even have to think about this, and of course, installing an EV port into your household is easy too. But for others, this could be the difference between purchasing an EV now, and one in five years. Perhaps you could opt for a hybrid instead.

Which Model Is Most Appropriate For Me?

Most people think of Tesla and Elon Musk when they picture an EV, but that’s hardly the only model worth choosing. You’d be surprised just how this competitive blossoming market is giving away to so many different models and manufacturers with real pedigree. Moreover, some of the most traditional manufacturers now have EV’s out, even with 4×4 drives, or at least hybrid models. Some are even taking innovation to new levels, such as with VinFast Electric Vehicles which also allow for monthly leasing. Sometimes, experimenting with programs like this can help you find your best option.

What Incentives Or Rebates Are Available For Electric Vehicles?

Electric vehicles are great for the environment, or at least, they promise to be should more and more people drive them. That’s why it’s important to consider if your government has any programs you can work with to adopt one. This might help you avoid toll payments, for example, in London you can subvert the ULEZ payment by having the right model of car, accruing minor long-term savings. However, you may also be able to trade in your new car and gain a couple of thousand towards a new purchase, or perhaps apply for a scheme to install an EV port in your home at a competitive price. You might not have access to any eligibilities, but if you do, well, that can be a worthwhile advantage.

With this advice, you’re certain to go all in on electric vehicles in the best possible sense.