How To Be A Racing Car Driver


So you’ve always dreamed of being a racing car driver? Well, it’s not an easy career to get into as there’s a lot of competition going on, but there are some important tips that will help you get yourself out there.

Don’t get a manager

No one can sell you any better than yourself. All you need to do is network yourself and meet as many people as you possibly can, and get your face and name out there. Build your contact list and make everyone see the passion that you have within you, all while working ridiculously hard on not only your skill, technique and talent, but your brand too, as this is just as important nowadays. Look on for tips on building your brand.

When you really making something out of yourself – then you can consider getting a manager to deal with endless amounts of paperwork.

Let’s put it this way – you’ll be getting offers left, right and centre if you’re any good.

Get out of karts and into cars

While karting is a great place to start and does teach you useful driving skills and racecraft – the moment you step into the world of cars, no one will have any idea who you are or where you came from. So getting into cars as soon as you can is imperative if you want to start making a name for yourself early on, because you will have a sort of track record that people will be able to find, whereas karting is a whole other category of racing.

Train yourself up

This means both physically and mentally. You will need to be fit and agile to be a racer. Sure, you’re sitting down in a vehicle for most of your career, but think about all the impacts and hits your body is going to take throughout the years. That can take a serious toll on your joints, muscles and bones, so you need to make sure you’re taking care of them by giving them what they need (a good diet and exercise regime!)

You also need to prepare yourself mentally for the journey ahead. This won’t be all fun and games – you will go through many lows too, whether that be losing a race, or missing out on an opportunity you really wanted. It’s all about how you deal with what’s to come that is important.

Have a backup plan

If you end up not having the success you had hoped for, or maybe you just realise this isn’t the career path for you, it’s important to have your backup plan so you’re not left stuck. For example, sell the car – as much as it may hurt to do so; you don’t need it anymore (unless you have another idea for it of course.)

There are many companies that specifically buy luxury rides at competitive rates – you can find out more from This means you get the money you deserve, and none of the stress trying to manage adverts and viewings.


The bottom line is, if you don’t win, why will people bother paying attention to you?

Winning is everything. The only ones who remember you when you come second are your wife and your dog.” Damon Hill.