Ditch The Clichés Of Truck Vs. Car Ownership

Did you know that the Ford F-Series pickup truck have been the best-selling vehicle in the USA for over 35 years? That makes it the best-selling American vehicle. So one could say that trucks own the American automobile market. But in reality, trucks are not the cup of tea of every driver. Some drivers feel more confident in a car, while others prefer a truck. Depending on your needs regarding commuting, cargo space and seating capacity, the choice will be an easy and obvious one to match your requirements. However, there is one thing that you should never let influence your decision, and that is clichés. Trucks just like cars are the victims of ill-fitted clichés that don’t meet any real case at all. It’s time to ditch the clichés to understand the real differences between car and truck owners.

Truck driver

Trucks Are Difficult To Maneuver

It’s common knowledge that trucks can be tricky to maneuver, especially if you are trying to park. As a large vehicle, you will find it difficult to handle compared to a normal sized car. Let’s get to the obvious: Car spots tend to be designed for regular sized vehicles. You will struggle to get your truck to fit in those comfortably. More importantly, even if you do find a spot that is appropriately sized for your vehicle, parking a truck is not like parking a car. Indeed, you will need to carefully check your mirrors before parking, so that you can avoid cars that are already parked. This also involves pulling into wide and open slots so that there is no risk of undercutting or overshooting your turn, which could result in damaging other vehicles.

But Some Cars Can Be Bad To Maneuver Too

However, not every car is a piece of cake to park. Some cars are very difficult to park, despite not being the same size than a truck. The Mitsubishi Escape has been labeled one of the cars with the worst visibility, as the rear window gives you only a magnificent view of the spoiler. That’s pretty, but it doesn’t help you to park. The Buick Riviera has made it on the list of poor parking experience too with its infinite hood holding a protruding grille section, its low seating position, and the unnecessary pointy tails. The Cadillac Fleetwood suffers from the same size issue, as the distance between its tails and front has the power to turn any parking action into a nervous breakdown.

Trucks Can Cause Serious Accidents

Trucks are solid, sturdy, powerful and very heavy. While this sounds like they should be perfectly safe to drive, they can cause serious accidents. In fact, trucks are involved in half a million of vehicle accidents in the United States every year. With about 5,000 fatal accidents happening every year, it’s important to be aware of the risks of driving or walking next to a large truck. Should the worst happen, mbpersonalinjurylaw.com warns that you can rely on legal representation, especially if the truck driver is proven to have caused the crash. Indeed, when you drive a truck, you need to be aware of the impact that any mechanical or safety fault can have on your driving. Poor brakes can make the difference between life and death in a heavy vehicle.

Truck accident

But Cars Can Be Dangerous Vehicles Too

Trucks might be dangerous, but cars are not always safe either. In fact, in over 80% of cases, when an accident involves a car and truck, the crash was caused by the car driver, according to the American Trucking Associations. Now this sheds a different light to the dangers of truck driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is not as generous and attributes over 90% of head-on and opposite direction truck-related crashes to car drivers. The FMCSA comes to similar results too. In other words, trucks may not be as deadly as you thought. Inattentive driving behind the steering wheel of a car or truck is the cause of most accidents.

You Can Modify Your Car

It isn’t uncommon for car drivers to consider stylish modifications, assuming as these remain legal. When it comes to illegal modifications, you should make sure to avoid radar detectors, which are prohibited in most states in commercial vehicles. Loud exhaust is also a trendy choice, but you need to be careful about this one: Some states require your exhaust to be less than 90 decibels when measured from a certain distance. In other words, do your research before you start modifying the car.

You Can Modify A Truck Too

You may not have considered it, but you can modify your truck too. Common truck modifications tend to focus on functionality and practicality and leave behind the stylish element, contrary to car modification. The addition of a tonneau cover for pickup trucks is a great way of carrying your luggage safely or even having an emergency bedding area. The bed of the truck is an area that can easily get covered in scratches as you place things at the back of the truck, from heavy items to tools. The addition of a bed liner is a simple and effective way to keep your bed looking clean and smooth.

Trucks Are Expensive

There’s a universal understanding that assumes that trucks are expensive. In reality, some trucks are becoming more affordable than urban cars, so it’s worth reconsidering the expenses that are associated with trucks. For instance, edmunds.com calculates the true cost of a vehicle by taking into account the interest on financing, the cost of depreciating, the taxes, fees, insurance premiums, maintenance, repairs, fuel costs and tax credits. Thus, a light-duty truck like the Honda Ridgeline costs less than an Audi A5. That’s informative, to say the least.

Car Cost More Than You Think

Lamborghini Veneno

In comparison, not all cars are affordable. Some cars even cost up to $4.5, such as the Lamborghini Veneno. Of course, these cars are not designed to be your every driving car. However, they are designed with no respect for insurance costs, depreciation costs, maintenance, fuel costs, repair, financing option or even taxes. Some cars are just designed for you to drive and dream. Trucks, in comparison, offer a sense of practicality that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s not the price sticker that you need to look at to make a decision. It’s about how much you value the advantages of each type of vehicle.