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One key to any motorsport is getting off to a good start.  It means that things are already working, and a team's confidence starts on a high note.  If that is true in monster truck racing, the Rammunition team is riding on cloud nine.

The opening weekend of the Lucas Oil 4-Wheel Jamboree season was highlighted by an intense 10-truck lineup for the Monster Truck Thunder Drags.  However, as the final event of the weekend approached, that field was reduced to nine.

Sunday morning, the Bigfoot team made a big discovery in one of it's team trucks.  Bigfoot Bessie, sponsored by Vi-Cor and driven by Darron Schnell, would be out of the competition.  The team discovered a blown engine in the black and white Ford, and sadly there was not enough time to swap in a new powerplant for the afternoon show.

One less truck meant one less threat to win, but with how hard the Ram team was looking over the weekend, it was going to be hard to knock them off that podium.

Sure enough, Rammunition driver Mat Dishman made sure that he started the weekend off on the right foot.  Already having one win under his belt, Dishman wanted to make it a clean sweep of the opening weekend for the 2012 season.

With competition like his teammate, Mark Hall in Raminator, and Bigfoot's Dan Runte breathing down his neck, it was already intense before the first race of the day.

But, bit by bit, Dishman was up to the challenge, and put the Mossy Oak sponsored Dodge Ram 1500 into victory lane once again on the opening weekend.

To finish off the weekend in Springfield, Missouri, Dishman and the rest of the competition put on a great freestyle performance.  It was the perfect way to cap off an incredible openig weekend to the summer series.

However, there's no rest for the weary, and not much time to strategize as the 4-Wheel Jamboree season will hold it's second event beginning May 18.  Teams will head north as it will be the Allen County Fairgrounds in Lima, Ohio, that will host the second event of 2012.  Four different racing events will happen over the course of the three-day event, and teams will not only prepare for a tough competition, but also will have to prepare for the weather.

One thing Lima has always been known for is the wild weather that hampers the fairgrounds.  Last year, the opening race went from being on an S-style course to a straight line because of heavy rain the night before.  Then, as the weekend progressed, it simply was a sloppy course if any rain fell.\

The 10 trucks that were in attendance will all return to Lima...sort of.  The Bigfoot team is still bringing the E3 Spark Plugs machine and Bigfoot Bessie.  However, the team behind the "Original Monster Truck" are giving usual Vi-Cor driver, Schnell, a much-deserved weekend off.

That doesn't mean the Vi-Cor truck won't be there.  The cow bells will be loud and proud as the Vi-Cor body will be going on another team truck, and it's coming with an attitude.

Along with the black and white body will be the only team driver that runs black rims.  In Lima, the 2012 Checkered Flag Productions champion, Larry Swim, will bring his "Bad Boy" and turn Bigfoot Bessie into a mad cow.

Swim is a major threat to steal some thunder in Lima, and one key reason is the fact the truck he's driving already has two championships to it's credit before the winter title was added.  The reason why...the truck Swim is driving used to be piloted by Runte.  The #16 truck won the first, and currently only, Major League of Monster Trucks championship in 2007 and is also the truck Runte piloted to the jamboree title last year.

Quite simply, Team Bigfoot is bringing it's biggest bullets to compete at Lima, and the eight other competitors should be worried.

Visit for information on the Lima jamboree from May 18-20, including the new camping feature and zip line.