Photo Credit:  Danny Maass,

Just over a week ago, Team Bigfoot went to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas to showcase their all-new Bigfoot #20, the first all-electric powered monster truck.

The 2010 Ford Super Duty that uses 36 batteries to power the motor, steering, brakes, gauges and everything else in the truck.  Long-time sponsor Odyssey Batteries supplied the power to put the truck into motion.

Initially, the truck will be used for static displays and parades, but immediately questions began coming in whether the truck could perform just like it's more noisier brothers in the fleet.  The plan was to develop the truck into a car crusher, but even the Bigfoot crew members were unsure of what the new truck could do.

Could it crush a car?  Could it catch some air?  Could the truck live up to what the other Bigfoot trucks do week in and week out for most of the year?

Well, on Thursday afternoon, those questions were answered.

With two cars pulled in front of the Bigfoot headquarters, fans got the ultimate invite as the team held an open test for the new Odyssey Batteries machine.  Getting the nod to drive the new truck for its initial run over cars was a man that this past Saturday got honored with a Hall of Fame distinction in the monster truck community.

Long-time driver and current V.P. of Operations, Jim Kramer, put on the driving suit and put the truck through it's first paces.

So, how did the truck do?

Let the video answer all the questions as to whether this truck can officially be considered a Bigfoot truck.