As the final day of the A&A Auto Stores 4-Wheel Jamboree in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, began, fans of the monster trucks already were wondering about whether one man could take a big sweep.

Already having one sweep of a jamboree this season, Mark Hall in the Raminator entered Sunday's competition with three event wins, and was prepared to make it a grand slam weekend, just like he did in the opening rounds in Lima, Ohio.

With nine trucks remaining to compete, his competition was ready, and with a strong crowd and blue skies, the final event of the weekend got under way.

After the first two rounds, the usual cast of characters once again made it to the final four.  Hall was there, and took down Bobby Holman in the Lucas Oil Stabilizer.  On the other side of the bracket, Hall's teammate, Mat Dishman in Rammunition, was putting his new motor to the test, as he faced off with Dan Runte in Bigfoot.  But despite a hard effort, it was Runte making it to the finals, and yet another matchup against Hall.

But Runte had a strategy, and lane choice.  All afternoon, Hall ran the right lane, which on the figure-8 track started with the wide corner, but ended with the short run to the crossover.  Runte, meanwhile, had run both lanes, so he knew what each was capable of.

For the final, Runte opted to go in the right lane, meaning Hall for the first time had to run in the left, and try to make it a sweep of the weekend.

The race was tight off the second jump, but Runte was close and stood hard on the Ford power, while Hall was going full-tilt on his HEMI.  Both came across the line, each unaware who won it.  But the call came down, and after 11-consecutive victories, it would not be a Ram in the winner's circle.

For the first time since last year in Bloomsburg, Runte put the radical Bigfoot #18 atop the podium, victorious in the final race in Bloomsburg.



Round 1:  Bigfoot def. Star Marshal, Rammunition def. Chalkboard Chuck, Hotsy def. River Rat, Lucas Oil Stabilizer def. XDP, Raminator BYE RUN.

Round 2:  Bigfoot def. Rammunition, Lucas Oil Stabilizer def. Hotsy, Raminator def. River Rat (Fast Loser).

Semi-Finals:  Bigfoot def. Rammunition (Fast Loser), Raminator def. Lucas Oil Stabilizer.

Finals:  Bigfoot def. Raminator.


Freestyle was not only strong among the big trucks, but the crew of Team Kid KJ certainly had their moments on Sunday.

Young Jake had the biggest cheers as after his second leap over the big table top, his truck rolled onto the left side and continued onto the roof and thanks to momentum and gravity, rolled back onto it's wheels.  He then drove Sir Crush-a-Lot back to the stands to an overjoyed crowd.  Meanwhile, Chris Dixon and the Lil Bully had the biggest highlights of the young team.  Not only standing the truck vertical on the wheelie hill, but also being the only one on the team to attack the raised van stack on the front stretch.

The young drivers really seemed to enjoy being in front of the big crowd, and with it being now a four-truck team, the sky is the limit for each one of their drivers.

As for the big boys, the biggest highlights were both Raminator and Rammunition pulling some tail-dragging wheelstands, and also the emergence of Dave Radzierez in his incredible XDP diesel.  All weekend, Radzierez had major leaps over each hill, ramp, and car.  But on Sunday, with it being the final show, he decided to end his run in style.

So, after making his rounds to the backstretch, he drove his black and yellow Ford through the makeshift pond that had developed thanks to the heavy rains leading up to the show.  It served as his finish to another strong run, and another highlight for what is considered his hometown show.

An incredible weekend of action at Bloomsburg has concluded, and now the wait to crown a champion will be over two months.

But, when the jamboree returns, it will be the biggest, and most competitive, show of the entire year.  From September 20-22, Family Events will descend on the famed Indiana State Fairgrounds for the O'Reilly Auto Parts 4-Wheel Jamboree.  Each team will bring the best they have to offer for the big show, and will lay it all on the line in order to get a victory.

Visit for ticket information along with all the news leading into the season finale.

For pictures from the entire weekend at the Bloomsburg 4-Wheel Jamboree, ranging from show-n-shine, mud racing, tough trucks and burnouts, click here.


Note-Thanks to the following folks to make this a spectacular weekend for Fan Vs. Fan at their second jamboree:

Jessica Hubley of Family Events

Doc Riley, Track Announcer

Lee Collins, lead track official

Dan Runte, Bigfoot driver

Mark Hall, Raminator driver

Dave Radzierez, XDP driver