Your Junk Car: 4 Things a Junk Car Removal Company Should Offer

Most vehicles lose value over time, even when they are well maintained.  The good news is even when cars have nearly no resale value, they are still valuable to a junkyard.  If you are looking for a place to sell junk cars for cash, an automobile junkyard is a good place.  You need to do more than just Google for junk car removal businesses and call the first place you find.  It’s vital to do some research and choose a business that offers these 4 benefits to its customers which will save you money and headaches.

Instructions for selling

A trustworthy junkyard will make sure you know how the process of selling your car will work.  The company will educate you and provide you with a list of which documents work in place of a car title, how to respond to the offer you receive, and if your vehicle doesn’t run and needs towed from your property, it will explain the towing process.  If you are selling a junk car for the first time, a customer centric junkyard will focus on informing you what happens each step of the way.

Free towing

A junkyard should tow your car for free as part of the process – after all, the condition of your old car doesn’t matter.  It still has salvageable parts that can be reused. Even after the company pays you for your vehicle and tows it for free, it’s still a win-win for everyone involved.  Make sure you find a junkyard that will offer free towing so the money you get for your junk car doesn’t go to foot the towing fee.

Fair Prices

Your car has been on a downward spiral; there have been signs your car needs attention and you’ve spent your fair share of cash at the garage.  Now that you know you’re selling your junk car instead of putting any more cash into it, you realize it’s not always easy to establish a fair price for it. The value of the car should be determined based on the condition of the car and the value of its parts to the junkyard.  Visit various junkyards and get multiple offers to ensure the prices are comparable; remember your junk car isn’t trash.

Contact information

A trustworthy junk car buyer will feature its business on review sites and will proudly display its contact information on the company’s website like that of Junk Gang of Miami.  Any business that hides contact information shows that it doesn’t want you to be able to contact them easily. That is not a good sign; look for companies that want to readily help customers and prioritize honesty and openness.  Get on Facebook and see if the junkyard has a page and read how they respond to feedback from customers so you have a better idea of how it does business.

Selling your junk car for cash isn’t an everyday occurrence, and a great car junk removal company knows that.  That’s why it’s important to do your research and find junk car buyers that care about their customers and want to ensure the process of selling a junk car is as seamless as possible.