Young Driver? 6 Ways To Save On Your Car Insurance

Source: Pxhere

Passing your driving test is an incredibly exciting and fulfilling experience. Finally, you have some real independence and have the freedom to go whenever you want to, without having to ask for a lift or take public transport. Unfortunately, as great at driving is, paying for car insurance isn’t quite as fun. Insurance for young drivers is notoriously expensive, so much so that some people can’t afford to drive because of the insurance alone. To help you out, here are six ways to keep your car insurance costs as low as possible.

1. Choose Cheaper Cars To Insure

Lots of things can affect the cost of your insurance, but one of the most significant factors is the car itself. If you want to keep your car insurance as cheap as possible, then it’s vital that you choose a car that is cheap to insure for new drivers. Some of the most popular options include Fiat 500s, Ford Fiestas, Kia Picantos, and Renault Twingos.

2. Pay All In One Go

Paying your car insurance in monthly instalments often seems like the best idea, as it allows you to spread the large cost over the course of a year and make it a little easier to manage. However, with added fees and interest, this isn’t the cheapest option available to you. If you can, it’s much cheaper to pay all in go and avoid any of the extra costs.

3. Make Sure You Shop Around

The last thing that you want to do is accept the first insurance quote you get. More often than not, you can find the same cover for vastly different prices. Make sure you do your research and compare prices from a number of providers, like Safe Auto. Then, once you have a few quotes, you can weigh up your options and choose the one most suited to you.

4. Ensure Your Car Is Safe

More often than not, you are offered a much cheaper quote if it seems your car is less likely to be damaged or stolen. Because of this, it’s important that you do what you can to keep your vehicle safe. This means keeping it in a garage or on a driveway, rather than on the road and adding security features, like alarms and tracking devices.

5. Add A More Experienced Driver

Adding an older or more experienced named driver to your policy is a great way to bring down the cost of your insurance, as it reassures your provider that you aren’t the only one driving your car. This, in theory, should reduce the chances of an accident occurring, as you are behind the wheel less often.

6. Consider Getting A Black Box

If you drive carefully, as all drivers should, then you might want to consider having a black box installed in your car. This measures things like mileage, speed, and braking, which helps provers to determine how safe of a driver you are. If you are safe and stick to any rules or limits you’re given, then your insurance should be a lot cheaper.

New drivers’ insurance can be pretty costly, but with these tips, you should be able to secure a much better deal.