Why Your Car Needs a Regular Oil Change

Running a car or other road vehicle means carrying out regular maintenance. Not so long ago it was possible for someone handy at DIY to carry out their own maintenance on a car. Today, cars and engines are far more sophisticated and often require professional attention.

We want to talk about oil change services and why oil is important for your car. What does oil do, and why does it need changing? How often should you book your car in with an expert such as Paul’s Auto Repair, a leading name in auto services in East Hartford Connecticut?

Let’s start by talking about what oil does and why it is vital for your car.

What Does Oil Do?

Oil, a naturally occurring substance that is made from the remains of plants and other organic creatures millions of years old, is a lubricant. Once extracted from the ground it needs to be refined for general use.

As a lubricant, oil is used in engines to ensure the complex series of moving parts run smoothly. Your car engine is composed of many different parts. The pistons, for example, are constantly moving in perfectly timed formation many times a second. That’s just when you’re idling, as they go even faster when you speed up!

Without oil enabling this smooth movement – and forming a barrier between closely paired components – the metal parts in your engine may clash, which would result in great damage and expense.

So, why does oil need to be changed?

Why Do I Need an Oil Change?

Oil works because it has a property known as viscosity. This means it is a thick liquid that can perform the lubrication we need in an engine. Over time, and thanks to the hard work it has to do, the viscosity of your engine oil will reduce. This means the lubrication you require will begin to fade.

This is when you need to talk to Paul’s Auto Repairs about arranging an oil change. When your car is serviced, it will also be subject to an oil change. Fresh oil will improve the performance of the vehicle by providing 100% lubrication.

How often does your car need an oil change? Modern engines are more efficient than those of a few decade ago and whereas oil change intervals used to be quite short, they are now much longer.

There is no standard interval, so we recommend you talk to your chosen service provider and take advice on the correct time to get your oil changed. This will depend on the car and its age.

Keeping Your Car Maintained

Your car’s service booklet will tell you how often you need maintenance carried out, and it is important that you keep to the service intervals as a full service history helps when you come to sell.

A trusted service provider such as Paul’s Auto Repairs can help with all your maintenance needs and you will find their rates to be competitive and their service to a high standard.