Why Your Car Air Conditionining Might Need a Re-Gas!

The Australian weather often involves extreme temperatures. This makes air conditioning essential in the workplace, at home and also in your car. For a long time – many decades in fact – air conditioning in a car was a luxury usually only available as an optional extra. Nowadays even the most basic automobile in Australia will have an air conditioning system as part of the standard features.

What should you know about air conditioning, and why would it need re-gassing? Let’s look at some facts about air conditioning and effects of extreme heat on us humans.

Some Facts about Auto Air Conditioning

Among the many facts about heat and air conditioning is one that proves extreme heat can not only affect our performance and concentration, but also leads to dehydration and fatigue. It stands clear that driving a car for any distance in extreme heat without air conditioning may in fact be dangerous. Another effect is that it diminishes our alertness and ability to make quick decisions.

This is why air conditioning is not only essential in the workplace but also in homes and businesses. Especially those businesses where a wrong decision could mean injury, or even death. The same is true when driving a car: with reaction times extended by the effects of extreme heat and dehydration, the driver is in a dangerous situation.

Studies have shown that our body and also our brain operate most comfortably and efficiently in the 21° to 25°C bracket, which is where most air conditioning units – both auto and otherwise – will be set. What is the fuss about re-gassing? Let’s have a look.

How Do I Know I Need a Re-gas?

Every car air conditioning system will need a re-gas after a while. The gas in the system is primarily there to drive oil to the seals and other parts that need lubricating. Over time the seals can deteriorate, especially in the Australian heat, and the gas will escape. Even with good seals there will be some loss of gas which needs to be replaced.

When you turn your air conditioning system on it should perform immediately, lowering the temperature inside the vehicle. If you notice it is taking longer or indeed is not reaching the temperature you want the likelihood is that gas is escaping via the compressor seal, which does the bulk of the work. Your dealer or a local garage will be able to carry out a full re-gas of your system and get it back to working order.

Just as you have your home or office air conditioning serviced on a regular basis, so it is sensible to do the same with your car to keep on top of perishing seals and other consumables within the system that will not last forever. That’s your auto air conditioning explained, and we hope we have gone some way to helping you understand more about it, so book your car in for a precautionary check now, and you’ll find a re-gas is an inexpensive and sensible routine.