Why You Might Be A Dangerous Driver Without Knowing It

What would you say if somebody asked you if you were a dangerous driver? Most people would say that they aren’t a dangerous driver, but the fact is, many people can be dangerous drivers without even realizing it. Sound scary? Read on to find out if you’re a dangerous driver without knowing it…

You Talk A Lot

Talking while driving isn’t banned, no, but it can be a huge distraction. If you’re getting so involved in a conversation that you miss exits and just generally find yourself zoning out, then you need to stop. Make it clear that you’re not being rude, you just need to concentrate on the road.

You Get Lost In Your Own Thoughts

You may not even need to be talking out loud to become distracted. If you find yourself getting lost in your own thoughts a lot, it’s a sign that you’re becoming complacent. You could zone out and miss the car stopping in front of you, drift off into another lane, or have another incident that could be fatal to you and your passengers. Stay alert while you drive and don’t let yourself get lost in your own head.


You’re Not Driving Defensively

Defensive driving is key to staying safe on the road, as it’s one of the only things that could potentially help you if another driver is driving dangerously. You have to look ahead and try to preempt what other drivers are going to do in order to drive defensively, and stay alert at all times. You can call Alpert Schreyer if you’ve already gotten into an accident, or save the number if you want to be prepared. You’ll always wish you started driving defensively when it becomes too late.

You’re Sleep Deprived

Driving while you’re sleep deprived is just as bad as being drunk. Your reaction times slow down, and you could easily crash or drift off into another lane. Avoid driving if you’ve had a rough night of sleep, or at least take a nap before you’re due to drive. You could also try drinking a coffee and winding down the windows.

You Don’t Think About The Weather

Your driving style will need to be altered depending on what the weather is like. If it’s wet or snowing, you’ll need to be way more careful. Make sure you take stopping distances and other things into account if you’re driving in adverse weather conditions.

Failing To Check Your Car Over Before A Long Trip

If you’re due to take a long trip, you should be checking your car over to make sure it’s suitable. If you don’t have enough tyre pressure, water, or something else that helps you to have safe journeys, you could be a danger to yourself and other road users. You should at least do basic checks before you’re due to make a long trip. It could save your life!

Are you a dangerous driver without even knowing it? Rectify these mistakes now before it’s too late!