Why Would You Opt for Short Term Car Insurance?



Short term car insurance can be a boon in certain circumstances – here’s how it could help you:

Borrowing a car?

If you’re planning to borrow a car for a few days, then you’d be well advised to take out temporary car insurance. Don’t assume any insurance the owner has will cover you. When you’re driving a car, you as the driver need to be covered; at the very least you’re obligated to have 3rd party insurance. So temporary car insurance that typically lasts from 1 to 28 days could well be your best course of action.

Hiring a car?

It’s also the case that if you’re hiring a car for a few days, short term car insurance would assist you. You might be moving house, visiting friends, family or going away on holiday for a few days. If you’re not driving your usual vehicle, look into obtaining temporary car insurance.

Driving for Business?

Moreover, if you’re driving for business and it’s not something you usually do, then short term insurance could help you. It might be that you’re visiting colleagues at another office or heading off on a secondment or placement for a few weeks and need to sort out insurance for the duration. Alternatively, you may be heading off to an occasional event like a conference or trade show. You might even be moving business premises, in all of these circumstances short term insurance could be the answer.

When you take out short term insurance for business use, look for a fully comprehensive policy so that you’re covered if you damage or have an accident that involves your car, another vehicle or a pedestrian. Insurance that covers driving for work tends to be more expensive than driving for leisure. Simply because you’ll tend to be driving at peak times on busy roads and may be covering long distances too, all of which can drive up the cost, so a short term policy can be a good compromise.

Own a classic car?

Do you have a classic car sitting in your garage that you love, but rarely take out for a drive? Then a short term car insurance policy could be the answer. You can take out such a policy for even a single day, making it a suitable choice if you have a classic car that you only take out for an occasional spin every now and again.

Buying or selling a car?

Temporary car insurance can also prove extremely convenient if you are in the process of buying a car. Such insurance could be ideal if you are test driving a particular car or you are driving your new car home from the car dealership. You don’t want to feel pressured into taking out the insurance the car dealership offers you, so short term car insurance could be the right choice while you’re examining your options for annual cover.  Even if you are collecting or delivering a car for someone else, you’d be wise to take out such insurance.

Moreover, temporary car insurance can also be advantageous if you’re selling a car, that way you won’t be lumbered with taking out an annual policy, that you’ll have to cancel at a later date – nor will you be burdened with the accompanying cancellation fee.

Covering the student driver

Short term insurance can also work out well for student drivers, especially if you’ve had a valid driver’s licence for more than six months. You might be heading back to university or travelling to a job interview or internship, but if you need insurance cover for 1 to 28 days, a temporary policy prove ideal.

Insurance for learner drivers

If you’re learning to drive, your instructor will have insurance that will cover you when you’re driving their car. However, if you want to practise in a car that’s not your instructor’s, you should take out suitable insurance. Typically a learner driver takes around 17 to 21 lessons to pass, and that usually includes some time behind the steering wheel outside of their formal lessons.

Driving a courtesy car?

From time to time it’s likely you’ll be driving a courtesy car when your regular car is having repairs for example. When that’s the case, taking out temporary cover is advised, as the terms and conditions of courtesy cars differ according to the provider; and you may not be insured.

Expecting a visitor?

Another instance, in which short term car insurance comes to the fore, is if you are expecting friends or family to stay for a while. It may be they’ll want to borrow your car during their stay and if that’s the case, it best to take out temporary insurance cover.

Heading off on holiday?

If you’re heading away on holiday, then taking out a short term insurance policy will ensure you are covered for driving in the country you’re visiting.  Take out your temporary cover with Call Wiser, and you’ll find that you are automatically insured for driving in all EU countries and some none EU countries such as Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Andorra and Serbia.  It may be that your regular insurance won’t cover you in your destination country, so it’s best to take out temporary insurance for the duration of your holiday.

Sharing driving duties?

If you and a friend are sharing driving duties on a long journey, again temporary insurance would be a sensible option, so you are specifically covered for the vehicle you’ll be driving.

Driving at short notice

The unexpected can happen to all of us at one time or another, and it may be you’ll need to drive a car at short notice or in an emergency.  Short term car insurance can be arranged swiftly, and at short notice in some circumstances, so it could help you out if there is an unexpected turn of events.

Your short term car insurance

So as you can see temporary car insurance can be extremely helpful in a wide range of situations, from borrowing or hiring a car, to driving for work or leisure purposes or simply bridging the gap until you find the right annual policy. However, it’s important to remember that short term cover can only ever be a temporary measure. Though you might be able to extend it by a few days; it’s not possible for you to keep renewing it – that’s now illegal. At some stage, you will need to take out an annual policy.

Just like any other insurance policy you take out, it pays to shop around. You’ll find there are some factors that will affect the cost of your cover from the length of time you’ve been a qualified driver to the number of accidents in which you’ve been involved. You’ll also be asked about any driving convictions you’ve had, the vehicle you’re driving and the purpose for which it is being driven.

So talk to an experienced insurance broker to find the right deal for your requirements. The good news is there are a lot of policies and providers out there, and if you talk to an experienced insurance broker such as Call Wiser, you’ll have the best chance of finding the right deal.