Why PTFE Coatings Find A Place In The Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has come a long way with better manufacturing techniques and technologies. Even basic elements like materials have witnessed vast improvements. PTFE coatings have emerged as a winner as they enhance the look and longevity of vehicles. Essentially, this coating material protects the vehicles from environmental factors and extreme weather conditions. It is used for several parts of cars, from windshield wipers to seatbelt clips, pistons, axles, gaskets, ball bearings, exhaust systems, fasteners, chassis, the underbody, and car exteriors. Let us explain why PTFE coatings find a place in the automotive industry.

Protection from scratches

Scratches are perhaps the most daunting concern for vehicle owners. No one wants to see them on the car body, regardless of their age. PTFE coating seals the paint on the surface with its non-stick finish. It also evens out the paint after its application and makes the vehicles more resistant to scratches and swirl marks. Manufacturers can rest assured about the products reaching dealerships for sale without any scratch or flaw.

Repellent qualities

Automotive manufacturers use PTFE coatings on the wheel rims in addition to the exteriors and interior parts. The material has excellent repellent properties, so it safeguards wheel rims from mud, dirt, and brake dust in contact with water. It works like a self-cleaning coating solution, facilitating easy maintenance of the vehicle. Owners also save their expenses because the material extends the lifespan of the wheel rims.

Fireproof material

Fireproofing is a significant concern for several industries because the risk of fire-related damage abounds for them. The automotive segment is among the manufacturing industries that use PTFE coatings for fireproofing. The material is non-flammable, so anything coated with it will easily withstand the high temperatures caused by a fire in the vehicle if the worse happens. Not surprisingly, car owners get PTFE sprays even for their older vehicles to ensure safety in case of mishaps.

Prolongs vehicle lifespan

Automobiles are high-value assets because they cost a hefty sum of money. Owners expect them to last for years to maximize their return on investment. Manufacturers can do their bit to extend the product lifespan by coating them with PTFE. The surface coating is resistant to fire and water. Moreover, it protects the vehicle parts from wear because of its low friction. It even prevents the growth of mold and mildew on the interiors and exteriors of the car body.

Long lasting

Besides extending the longevity of the vehicle it covers, PTFE itself is an extremely durable material. It can beat the brunt of exposure to both high and low temperatures. Even the continuous exposure to extreme temperatures hardly affects its protective properties. Car owners living even in areas with harsh climatic conditions do not need to worry about the coating material missing out on the protection factor.

Quality products enhance the reputation of automotive brands. But quality goes beyond design and power as owners expect much more. Even small details like surface coatings can make a big difference, and PTFE is the best option.