Why No Prep Racing is the Way to Go

It’s curious to remember that the automobile is not much more than 120 years old. Indeed, the same applies to the internal combustion engine – still the method of powering most cars in the 21st century – and when you take a look at modern engines, not much has changed in over a century. Sure, there are computers involved, and complex electronics, and the use of new materials has led to stronger, more powerful motors, but the concept remains the same.

It’s also worth noting that the desire to see how fast a motor car could go came about almost as soon as the automobile was born. The first automobile race in the USA was in 1895, and was designed to gain publicity and sell more cars. The drive to find more speed had begun, and many forms of motor racing were born as a result.

What has this to do with No Prep Racing? Drag racing is perhaps the purest form of motor sport – it is, after all, a simple effort to go as fast as you can – and No Prep is fast becoming the way to go. What’s it all about? Let’s have a look.

What is No Prep Racing?

If you have been to a drag race – and if not, you really should as the thrill is like nothing else – then you will have noticed the track being ‘prepped’ before the cars run. This is about laying on the surface a compound that helps the rubber tyres stick to the tarmac. With No Prep racing there is no on the day preparation. The lanes may have been prepped in the past, but not on the day. The result? Wilder, more exciting races that are intended to replicate genuine street racing.

Some drag racing aficionados love the concept, while others think it a dangerous step. Yet, what is important is that the crowds love it. We’ve also got to look at the other aspect of it, and this is that No Prep was conceived to get illegal street races off the streets, and into a safer environment. This should be applauded and, judging by the numbers of entrants, it’s also working.

Fast-Growing Sport

There is no doubt that No Prep racing – both in the USA and elsewhere, especially in the UK – is taking a hold, as more events than ever before are planned for the coming year. The popularity is enhanced by well organised series such as the No Prep Kings that are well attended and features some spectacular and exotic entries, and this form of drag racing is becoming the one that introduces the public to drag racing.

If you are not yet up to speed with what straight-line drag racing is about, be assured that it is something that will enhance all your senses, and that will give you a thrill to remember. It’s a great fun day out for all the family too, so check out events near you right now!