Why is Mercedes Benz awesome?

Mercedes Benz can trace its roots back to one of the first engine-powered cars in 1886 so it has a long history of developing awesome quality vehicles across the globe. With a range which includes luxury cars, buses, lorries and coaches, Mercedes has an unrivalled choice of premium vehicles for the discerning motorist.

The slogan “the best or nothing” reflects the high quality workmanship which goes into every vehicle, as well as the high standards for innovation in safety and technology that has spanned many decades of manufacturing.

From luxury executive saloons to terrain-tearing 4 x 4s, from family hatchbacks to two-seater sports cars – there is a quality Mercedes model available no matter which type of car you might be looking for. That’s what makes Mercedes Benz awesome.

With the iconic three-pointed star instantly recognisable and associated with plush interiors, spacious seating and sleek styling, all Mercedes vehicles come with that built-in reputation of premium high quality and luxury.

During its long history, the company has produced some really iconic cars, with some of the rarer vintage models now selling at auction for millions of pounds due to the recognised quality of the workmanship.

In this class you will find the 300SL Gullwing (1954 – 1963) which can sell for over a million, in pristine condition, and has been repeatedly named as the most iconic Mercedes car. It was a hugely successful racing model before going into production in 1954 and is still one of the most sought after vintage Mercedes today.

Another instantly recognisable model from back in the day is the 280SL “Pagoda” (1967 – 1971) which is one of Mercedes most timeless roadster cars. Although, if you want to talk valuable, then the 540K (1936 – 1940) Special Roadster has to be mentioned, as an example recently sold at Sotheby’s auction house for over $9 million.

With a history this long and with this many outstanding and sought after cars even fifty years after they were first made, it’s easy to see why Mercedes is one amazing automobile manufacturer.

This long tradition of creating high quality and stand-out stylish cars has continued into the modern day with Mercedes becoming renowned for its premium luxury executive saloons and executive cars used by successful business people around the world.

Alongside the saloon cars have always been the instantly recognisable and iconic SL and SLK sports cars which attract attention for all the right reasons with their sleek lines and top-down summer appeal.

Recently, the company has started to branch out from the more traditional top-spec saloon and sports cars to explore other body shapes and styles, including MPVs, SUVs and even a 4 x4 option. This increase in variety has helped to broaden Mercedes appeal to families and younger drivers.

While previously, the hefty price tag that comes with many new models might have put off families and younger drivers, some of the newer A-Class and B-Class hatchbacks are now far more affordable, opening up the luxury experience to a far broader audience.

A brand new A-Class Hatchback comes in with a starting price of just over £20,000 which is not bad, when you consider the most expensive new model which is the Mercedes-AMG GTR Coupe, with a price tag of just under £150,000.

With a variety of leasing and finance options available from Mercedes the company has made it easier than ever to become the owner of a brand  new car – although they might still be out of the price range for many people – which is where the used car market comes into the fore.

The high quality manufacturing of the cars and the high standard of safety and technology features throughout the decades means that older second-hand Mercedes models have a reputation for lasting for many years, making them a popular and affordable choice for many.

Whether you have £100 to spend on a restoration project, or between £1,000 and £10,000 to spend on a second-hand Mercedes, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to which car to choose.

From SUVs to MPVs, from saloons to estates, from hatchbacks to cabriolets – Mercedes has made practically every possible type of car during its 130 year history so even if you can’t afford a brand new model, you should still be able to find a Mercedes to suit your needs.

With a long history and tradition of creating innovative safety solutions, using the most cutting edge technology of the time within each model, and taking the utmost care to ensure every vehicle off the production line is the highest quality – Mercedes cars really are in a class of their own.

A price simply cannot be placed on the prestige which comes with being the owner and driver of a Mercedes, whichever model or range it might be from – and that’s what really makes Mercedes Benz awesome.