Why Buying A Brand New Car Might Not Be The Best Choice

Everyone thinks they want the experience of driving a brand new, top of the range model off the forecourt and into their lives. Which may make you very surprised when I say that doing so might not actually be the best choice. In fact, there are quite a few downsides to buying a brand new car, and you should definitely consider them before making your purchase.

They need wearing in

Just think how uncomfortable and unyielding a new pair of shoes or jeans are when you first buy them! Well, the same can be true of new vehicles, because the engine and systems need to be used for a while before they are optimized for fuel consumption and response.

What that means is that buying a new vehicle may come with a waiting period when you don’t enjoy your driving as much as you would with a car that has already been through this.

Costs more

New vehicles inevitably cost more to purchase, and this can be a big issue for someone to who budget is a concern.

In fact, you may be able to find a car in great condition that has been pre-owned for a considerably lower price, and even if it does need a few upgrades, you can use stores like Automotive Stuff to get reasonably priced, quality parts online to bring things up to standard for less than a new vehicle would cost. Something that means if costs is a factor in your decision, a preloved car may win out on this criteria as well.

Loses value

Another issue with brand new vehicles is that they lose a great deal of value when you drive them off the forecourt. This can be a depressing experience because you have essentially paid thousands for the pleasure of being the first owner. Something that may not give you as much satisfaction as you expected and may make a pre-owned vehicle in good condition a better choice.

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Old cars may be better value, but you have to be sure they are in good condition too!

Manufacturing faults

Everybody always thinks older cars are more dangerous because they have had more ware, but new vehicles develop fault as well. At least if you buy a car that is 5-10 years old any recalls due to manufacturing faults will have already happened. Therefore you could actually be increasing your chance of staying safe buying avoiding a brand new model that hasn’t yet been released and used by thousands of people yet.

Make you nervous

Last of all, while your shiny new vehicle may be your pride and joy when it’s sitting on the drive, having to pilot it around town where other cars could crash into it, scratch it, and otherwise cause it damage can be a nerve wracking experience.

In fact, buying a car straight off the lot can significantly increase driving anxiety. Something that may mean you are less focused while on the road and so could interfere with your and your passengers’ safety. To that end, if you are a nervous driver, you may be better off going for a used model instead.