Why A Jeep Should Be Your Next Vehicle

If you are in the market for a new automobile, you may be stuck trying to decide which make and model you should be buying. Have you given any thought to Jeep up until now? Perhaps you’ve toyed with the idea but there are those niggling doubts at the back of your mind about whether a Jeep is right for you. Well, let’s put those doubts to rest and look at some of the reasons why a Jeep, like those available at McSweeneyCDJR is a great investment.

Various Great Models To Choose From

When many people hear the name Jeep, they instantly think of the classic Wrangler. We don’t blame you, though, as the Wrangler is an awesome piece of automotive engineering. However, there is more to Jeep than just the Wrangler. In fact, 8 different models. These range from the very compact, but feisty Renegade to the fast Grand Cherokee SRT and the and very tough Wrangler.

So, there’s something for everyone.

Off-Road Ready

One of the things that makes Jeep vehicles stand out from a lot of models from other manufacturers is that all their vehicles are designed for use in off-road settings. They all feature generous ground clearance, durable tires, tow hooks, skid plates and water fording. It doesn’t really matter which model you prefer, as there is one trail trim option at the very least for each.


What’s fun about an off roadster that does not have any exciting features? Absolutely nothing at all. Fortunately, if you choose a Jeep as your next vehicle, you will get the benefit of a plentiful array of features. That includes the standards that all models come equipped as well as the more specialist options such as stylist customizations and off-road-specific functionality.

Removable Doors

Need we say anymore really? If you are looking to experience the true exhilaration of an authentic off-road experience, the Wrangler from Jeep delivers. It is at present the only SUV available right now that comes with doors that can be easily removed. You are advised to only drive your Jeep Wrangler in off-road conditions with the doors removed, but there is really something special about driving this way. That feel of the wind in your hair, not encumbered by a window, doors and no top.

Amazing Handling And Very Easy to Drive

Look at any review for modern Jeep models across the 8 on offer and you will see the same phrases mentioned again and again. ‘Great handling’ and ‘easy to drive’ are phrases that go hand in hand with Jeep vehicles. Add to all that the fact that you get a meaty 3.6-liter V6 engine as the standard engine in many models and you have a beast of a vehicle that not only handles well and is an absolute dream to drive, but also has the power to keep up with just about any of the competition both on traditional roads and out in the sticks.