When Will Your Car Really Cost You?

Many people are still naive to think that car ownership isn’t that expensive. They assume that the biggest element of cost is the initial buying process, and once that is paid for there won’t be too many more costs incurred. The thing is, a car can cost you throughout the whole time you own it. It’s a fact of life that they need maintaining. While you may already budget for the fuel you put into it each week and the insurance premium you pay for each month, here are some of the factors you may not have considered when it comes to car costs.


During a routine service

Many cars need a service once a year if they aren’t doing massive mileage, and while a routine service cost isn’t too expensive, the things they find during the service can end up costing you. This is why in the first instance you should always consider a reputable garage like Lex Brodie’s. During a service, a mechanic has a duty of care to check your wear and tear items. Things like tires and brakes are all things you may need to replace and pay for, as well as paying for the routine service.

When it breaks down

When your car breaks down on the side of the road, it can be rather distressing for all involved. At the time, you may not be thinking about the cost, but there are things to consider. First up the initial repair of what might be wrong, and the cost of using a breakdown service to get you from the place you have broken down to a garage where a repair and observation can take place. Often, people have this sort of cover included in their insurance policy, but if you don’t, it could well be a cost you incur.

When it needs major repair

There will come a time where something major in your car needs to be replaced. A clutch maybe, a new battery or belts need replacing. Some car have warranties on them from the manufacturer which tends to cover most things, but if you find yourself outside of that manufacturer warranty period, the cost will be with you.

If you are involved in an accident

Being involved in an accident, whether it is your fault or not, is not the easiest of things to be part of. It is distressing for all parties. However, at the time the damage or costs might not be a concern, but at some point, you need to inform insurance companies, and things need to happen to take care of the repairs. The cost you may have to find is any agreed voluntary excess that forms part of your policy.

Repairing bodywork damage

Finally, your car may be damaged on the bodywork. Perhaps scratched, dented or marked in some way. These things don’t often need to be tendered to straight away, but leaving them for longer periods of time could cause more costly damage. A body repair shop is best advised to help you determine whether it is something to pay for now or later.

I hope this helps you to become more aware of some of the other costs involved in running a car.