What’s The Best Cold Air Intake for Your 6.0 Vortec?

The 6.0 litre Vortec engine is a workhorse, a power-plant used to power many of the most venerable vehicles in the GM range, from SUV’s to trucks. Many owners know that with a little bit of work, and the addition of some after-market parts, the 6.0 Vortec can push out even more horsepower than in standard form. One way of adding power – and also in some cases providing other benefits such as sharper throttle response – is to change the cold air intake to one of many produced specifically for this engine.

It’s not a difficult job for someone who is up to speed with mechanics – the Vortec is quite a simple engine to work on – but it might be worth getting a local mechanic to switch things over for you if you’re not sure. So, which is the best cold air intake for 6.0 Vortec engines that will provide you with the extra power and performance you want? There are a few on the market, so let’s talk about some of them in more detail.

Some of the After-Market Air Intakes for the Vortec

Before you set about changing the induction kits on your Vortec 6.0 make sure you are buying a replacement that is designed for the job. One such is the K&N Engineering model 77-3076KTK, which is a popular option with owners looking for an upgrade. With clever design that enables a greater intake of air, and therefore more revs, the K&N not only gives you more horsepower – a gain of around 10hp is expected – but gets you far better throttle response too, and is just one of the many that K&N – a respected brand in this market – has to offer. This one can be fitted by anyone competent and with the right tools in around 90minutes.

Also suitable and worth a look is the Blackhorse Racing ER38001-1, which comes with an integral heat shield. Blackhorse is known for its racing mods to standard engines and this one for the Vortec is popular with owners who want some extra go! The heatshield acts to keep the air cooler so that your engine takes more cold air in – the more air, the more revs – thanks to the special design. It is said to be easy to fit at home, without professional assistance, and to provide a 10% increase in both horsepower and torque, so you get more power and greater tractability.

These are just a couple of the available air intakes that will upgrade your Vortec 6.0, and we strongly recommend that you look at more before you buy.

A Few Important Factors

Before we go, a few points you should consider: always buy after-market parts that are designed for the engine in question and ensure you get a warranty on the item itself. Make sure there are good fitting instructions and that you have the right tools and, finally, check with your state laws that the modifications you are making are above board and legal, as in some states there are restrictions. Meanwhile, get to work, and enjoy greater performance from your Vortec powered vehicle.