What To Look For When Choosing New Tyres

If you are looking to replace the tyres on your vehicle, you may be overwhelmed by the number of different products there are available. To help make this task less daunting, we have put this handy guide together. In it we discuss all the most important things you need to consider when choosing the right tyres for your car.


First and foremost, you need to figure out the right size of tyres you should be getting. You will find this information both in the handbook that came with the car and on the wall of your tyres.

You will see something that looks like this – Tyre Size: 195/50 R15 92H

While the 195/50 applies to the section width and aspect ratio, the R15 92H applies to the rim diameter, load rating and speed rating.

What Does It Mean?

• Section Width – The actual width of the tyre measured in mm.
• Aspect Ratio or Profile – This is the ratio of the width to height of the tyre, measured as a percentage. A tyre with a lower profile provides a more stable ride, while tyres with a higher profile tend to be less expensive and less noisy.
• Rim Diameter – This is the diameter, measured in inches, of the rim where the tyre will be fitted.
• Load Rating – This is the maximum amount of load the tyre can support
• Speed Rating – This is the maximum speed the tyre can run at while supporting loads within the load rating.

Price and Quality

Once you have figured out the size of tyre your vehicle needs, you need to consider the quality that is best suited to your driving needs. Although all the tyres on sale in the UK adhere to tough safety standards, investing in a higher quality tyre will give you a better return on your investment and could enhance the experience you have driving.

Type of Vehicle You Drive

Obviously, different vehicles often require different tyres from one another. So, you need to be sure to buy the right type of tyre whether it’s a campervan, 4X4, van or car you drive.

What Are Run-Flat Tyres?

You may come across run-flat tyres. The only thing you really need to know about run-flat tyres is that they are made for specifically.

Does Season Affect Tyres?

Generally, here in the UK, most drivers keep the same tyres on their car throughout the year. However, if you are looking to enhance your car’s performance and overall driving experience, you may want to consider investing in all-season tyres or winter tyres during the colder months.

Now that you know a little more about what you need to look for in new tyres, why not visit TyrePlus for all your new or used tyre needs.