What To Do If The Police Stop You

Although we all hope it never happens, the police, with their usual traffic stops, are everywhere, especially now that the weather is better and people are in a hurry to get home. You probably weren’t doing anything wrong, but the cops do do random stops every once in a while, just in case. Whether you’ve been caught red-handed or are the unlucky one who was pulled over, you can speed up the process by taking these steps.

Photo by Pixabay

Think About The Police Officer 

Stopping cars won’t be high on the list of things a police officer likes to do. They are just doing their job, so it would be great if you could make it easier for them and not bother them. They’ll really like it. You could also apologize if you’ve done something wrong. If you’ve been speeding, it won’t keep you from getting a ticket, but it will make the whole thing easier to deal with. Keep in mind that you have access to a traffic lawyer to help you, and that should keep you calm. If a police officer tells you to stop, help them out even more by stopping in a safe place. This helps both of you, by the way. This is a good rule to follow in everyday life as well.

Stay In The Car

If the officer tells you to get out, you can, but if not, just stay in the car until you find out why you were pulled over. Stop the car and open the window so you don’t have to yell to talk to the police officer. Don’t forget to stay calm. It’s probably something small, and you’re not really in trouble. The law just says that you need to be told and given a ticket. So don’t get scared. The police officer will tell you if your taillight is out or if you were going too fast. They will also tell you how to pay your fine or what to do next. There is no reason to get mad or lose your temper.

Sign The Citation 

You must sign the citation if you receive one. In fact, you should give it your full attention. This does not constitute an admission of guilt; rather, it confirms your receipt of the ticket and your commitment to paying the fine by the due date printed on it. If the issue is more serious and you need to contact an attorney for advice regarding a court matter or to find out what being indicted means, you should wait until the police officer is finished before making any calls. Don’t rush through this; you might miss something vital otherwise.

Drive Safe 

When you finally do leave, please be careful on the road. You need to check everything around you to make sure you don’t get into an accident as you may be merging into heavy traffic. If you’re feeling nervous after being stopped, this is very crucial. Just breathe deeply, and you’ll be OK to drive away.