What Happens To Your Car After You Have Been Involved In An Accident?

If you have been in an accident then you will know how stressful this can be. You may be worried about any injuries that you have and you may also be worried about the severity of the damage to your car as well. In some instances, the damage to your car may be enough to get your car impounded and this can cause you even more issues in the future. If you have been in an accident recently and you want to try and make sure that you don’t run into problems like this then take a look below to find out what could happen to your car and what you can do about it.

The Insurer

When you have been in an accident, the insurer will decide whether or not the damage is worth repairing or whether it is worth getting your car impounded. If the car is not economical to repair then you will have it written-off and in this instance, you will be offered the market value. It’s important to understand that the market value will be based on the car at the time of the accident and not at the time when you purchased it. Your insurer is also more than within their right to take the value of your policy excess off the value as well, so if you have a very high policy excess then there is a high chance that you won’t receive as much as you would think from your insurer.

It helps to check your own car for damages after the crash and you also need to take pictures. If

you believe that you are injured then contact nehoralaw.com as soon as you can to try and get a claim arranged.


Your Car

If you do happen to have your car written off then your car will be taken away but you will probably also be given the chance to keep it. If you are not happy with the valuation that you have been given then you can easily provide documentary evidence as to why you believe the vehicle is worth more. Your insurance company will then take this information and they will consider it. If you can prove that your car is worth more then there is a high chance that you will be given more money for it, or in some instances it may be possible to get the repair paid for as well.

It’s important to note that you can repair your car yourself, but if you do this then your insurance company probably won’t help you out with the cost and they may even refuse to pay you anything for the car because you aren’t following their advice.


Car Value

If you have an older car then there is a high chance that it will be a write off unless the damage is very minor. If the damage is excessive but on a newer car then this expense will most likely be covered by the company but this will affect your no-claims bonus and it will also cost the full amount of your excess (in most cases). Expensive cars or newer cars cost more to repair, and therefore you may end up spending more than you’d like on the repair.