What are the Most Fuel Effective Chevy Vehicles?

Fuel efficiency is a key factor when choosing a vehicle nowadays. Gone are the days when typical and wonderful gas-guzzlers filled the roads of America. In the 21st century you can still by a powerful automobile, yet it will be far more efficient than ever.

We want to talk about Chevys – Chevrolets – which remain one of the most popular makes on US roads.

Your local Chevy dealership, Richard Chevrolet, is the place to go to book a test drive, but first, we have some advice on fuel efficiency.

Chevy SUVs

The SUV market continues to grow across the world, and in the USA. Chevrolet has a fantastic range of SUVs that are among the most popular in the country.

So, which is the one to look for if you are concerned about fuel efficiency? The Chevrolet Trailblazer is the answer, and it’s a great family vehicle.

At first glance you may be put off by the 1.3-liter, 3-cylinder, engine. Yes, it’s small, but it’s also turbocharged, and produces an amazing 155bhp!

In town, you’ll get 29mpg, and on the highway 33mpg. If the Trailblazer is too small have a look at the Equinox: a slightly bigger engine, more power, and similar MPG.

Chevy Pick-Ups

Pick-ups are not traditionally bought with fuel efficiency in mind, yet with recent world events having pushed the price of gas and diesel up everyone is tightening belts.

Would it surprise you if we said that the supremely popular Chevy Silverado is the most economical Chevy Pick-up?

In two-wheel drive form with the brilliant 3.0-liter, turbodiesel six-cylinder engine, you can get 31mpg out of this amazing vehicle on the highway, and 23 around town. That’s a combined figure of 26mpg.

Given the size and capability of the Silverado this must be one of the best buys on the market right now for a combination of purpose, economy, and performance.

Chevy Sedans

Not everyone wants a big and brutish pick-up or SUV. Many drivers simply want a car that can get them to work, or for the school run and shopping.

Chevy cars are a popular choice, and the range offers a variety of options. Which is the most economical? The Chevrolet Spark. This sub-compact city car is ideal for the commute and returns an impressive 38mpg on the highway.

If you want something bigger, the Chevy Malibu is the ideal mid-sized family car with a lot of space, decent performance, and 36mpg on the open road.

But there is another choice: the Chevrolet Bolt. This clever and advanced all-electric car is a great option for those who want to get away from gas and diesel. It comes well-equipped and has a range on a full charge of 259miles. Which is the best choice for you?


There’s no doubt that Chevrolet continues to fly the flag for the good old home-grown car, SUV, and Pick-up, so get along to your local Chevy dealer right now and see what’s on offer.