Want To Pimp Your Ride? Here’s How!


When it comes to owning a car, naturally we tend to use common sense and focus on the maintenance to keep our daily work lives afloat. After all, if we’ve no means of getting to our job, we’re going to struggle. But what if you’re doing okay and have an extra bit of disposable cash that you wish to throw at the motor? You might feel you deserve to treat yourself and smarten up the wagon but not know exactly how. Not everyone knows a lot about the ins and outs, so let’s take a look at a few changes and additions you can apply to customize your baby.


We’ll start with a simple addition that can change things up massively for you. Applying covers to the seats or the steering wheel can spruce up what may have been a dull look before. There are hundreds of leather, faux, nylon or neoprene seat covers scattered around the internet, as well as many different types of covers for the steering wheel. You can find whatever suits you.


If you feel you want to change up the headlamps, you can take them to a specialist and come out with a whole new color that you want. You can also add lights to the interior and underneath. Just make sure they’re not too bright it may either not be allowed in your area or may cause problems on the road.


The wheels are a glamorous part of the ride if you can get some attractive rims and tires on it. If you’re currently harboring some old hubcaps and feel like you need something new, why not invest in something more beautiful and shiny? Likewise with the tires, if you want to improve the performance as well as the look, there are a bunch of options for you.



If you aren’t exactly fond of the pedals you have at the moment, yes, you can customize them too. They’re an essential part, right? May as well have them looking as you’d like!

Paint Job

Maybe you want to shake up the entire skin of your car. Perhaps right now the color isn’t doing it for you, and you want to have something completely different. There are a whole load of services around that can paint your wagon for you, and they can also add different designs.


You might like to customize the front some. Perhaps you’re bored of the plain-looking bonnet and would want to give it a little makeover. An ornament could look cool. Also getting a hood scoop could help out the engine while giving the hood a more attractive look.


Finally, if you’re looking to add something to the back of the car, perhaps you might like to add a spoiler. The main reason is the increase in performance for professionals, but you might really like the look, too. You can get a wide range of spoilers, from a tiny lip to a huge one that everyone can admire.