Vacations Aren’t the Same Without a Car


Not many people find the idea of driving thrilling. Sure, if you’re an avid follower of blogs like these, then things are probably a little different for you! But when most people think about driving, they usually think about very everyday and mundane things. They think about the drive to work and the drive back home. They think about picking their kids up from school. They think about drives to the store. They become part of the precise reality from which people want to escape when they go on vacation. When they go to a new state or country, there’s a certain relief in not having to get behind the wheel.

But let’s face it: transport when you’re on vacation can be a massive hassle. (Not to mention very expensive!) Without a car, you’re left at the mercy of public trains and taxis. At best, you’re driven around by the people you came to visit. Basically, you have to be reliant on others when you need to get around. For most, this isn’t exactly an ideal situation; for avid drivers, it’s a nightmare!

Despite the negatives, most people seem to want to do without a car when they’re on vacation. Again, because many of them enjoy not having to worry about driving. But think about it this way: a vacation is a break away from reality because it gives you relief from everyday stress. And if you don’t have your own car when you’re on vacation, then that can actually make everything a little more stressful! By being able to take full control of your transport needs, everything can be much smoother.



Most people will probably decide to take the car rental route. This is the easiest way to go about it, and is often the most cost-effective. Most of the time, you can get the car straight from the airport. There are other ways, of course; there’s usually some way in which you can bring your own vehicle, especially if you’re taking a ferry. But this can be pretty expensive; plus, you have to worry about your vehicle being legally fit to drive in your destination.

Whichever way you choose to go about it, having a car you can drive around yourself while on vacation can improve everything in several ways. Yes, it eliminates much of the stress of public transport. But you should also consider the freedom that car will afford you. A car opens up many more options to you. Want to get cheaper accommodation somewhere just outside the main hub of your destination? Having a car make that much more feasible. See something you want to explore while you’re in the car, whether it be a road off the beaten track or simply a cool-looking store? Well, you can stop and go as you please with your own ride.

Long story short, a car can seriously improve any vacation. It could even be considered essential if you’re going to be at your destination for longer than a week or so! So be sure to explore your vehicular options next time you’re planning a trip.