Upgrade The Look Of Your Car With These Tips

When you own a car, you want to take pride in its appearance. You may regularly wash, detail and wax the exterior of the car, while also cleaning out the inside of the car, too. Vacuuming the carpets and cleaning the leather are important, as you want to make sure that your car fits your lifestyle and remains safe to drive. If there’s one thing that is true, it doesn’t matter how old your car is, you want to make it better than it ever has been before. Taking pride in something that you are paying for is important; you want to be seen and you want to be noticed, and the best way to do it is with the right car upgrades.

Upgrades to your car don’t have to be expensive and it’s important to know that! You choose a car that suits your personality, but as it ages you want it to remain in good repair at all times. Not all upgrades and modifications are going to be about repairs, either. You can upgrade your car to make it look nicer with a better paint job and funkier lighting. You can even upgrade the wheels to have new rims that spin if you’re feeling a little out there! You want to make your car look more attractive and give it an appearance of being more luxurious, and the best way to do this is to get your car looking more high end than it ever has – even if it’s not a high end brand. With this in mind, we’ve got some tips to help you to get your car looking as good as ever!

Image Source: Pexels

1. Get It Detailed

Not just vacuumed and polished, pay for an extensive detail for a change. You know that a clean car with extra shiny paint looks luxurious and sleek, and get your car washed by hand. It’s nice to put a car through the automatic washer, but it can cause scratches and mess sometimes. When you wash your car by hand, you can get all of the mess off the car properly as you know it’s been scrubbed down properly. Use a good quality car wash soap to clean the interior of the car, too, and a microfibre mitt will help you to get rid of the dirt you couldn’t reach otherwise. When you wash the car by hand, you can ensure that you get right into the more difficult areas where the dirt and crumbs gather. Any animal droppings on glass are also far easier to clean by hand and you can wash the glass with the right cleaners. If you don’t want to wash your car yourself, get it detailed with the cleaners and you’ll be paying for a great quality service.

2. Always Dry It Off

If you want to avoid a streaky look with your car, always dry it off after you wash it. Yes, the sunshine and wind can do it for you, but if you wipe off the water droplets with the right microfibre cloth, you don’t end up with water spots. In a car wash, the car isn’t dried off unless you pay for a detailing as mentioned earlier. Water spots on the car dulls the finish and it makes it look like your car isn’t looked after – the total opposite look you are going for! 

3. Choose Polish Every Year

Annual polishes are a must if you want to upgrade the look of your car. Washing causes swirl marks on the paintwork and these often look like the car isn’t cared for. You want to maintain that high-end shine, and a polish annually is going to help you to reduce those swirly marks. You can use powerful polishers to help the look of the car and you can get the best results this way. Scuffs and scratches can also be polished out when you clean the car, and if major scuffs or scratches happen before you do a full polish, you can use a smaller hand polish with a foam applicator. This will give you everything you need to make sure that your car remains shiny for as long as possible. Before you polish the car, make sure that the paint is clean and dry. Otherwise, it won’t look as shiny as it could look!

4. Clean The Car Trim

Did you know that the plastic parts of your car can discolor over time? The onslaught of heat and cold weather, the rain and snow – it all works to discolor the plastic trim around the edge of the car. There are restorative treatments that you can use to remove any residues and fading and restore it to the best it can be.

Image Source: Pexels

5. Go For Chrome

If you want to add class to your car, install chrome accents. You haven’t seen luxury until you’ve seen chrome detail on a car and you can add it to yours, too. The key is to make sure that the chrome accents that you use should be tasteful. You don’t want the chrome to be garish or gross. With chrome door cladding or door spear, you can add chrome without it looking out of place. You can use small accents for a splash of chrome rather than a whole car filled with it. You can keep it straight on both sides of the car if you want your car to look high-end instead of cheap, too! If you don’t want straight chrome lines on the sides of the car, choose mirror caps in chrome instead. This can give your car accents at eye level and it will look classic without looking gaudy.

6. Tint It Up

One of the things we associate tinted windows with is celebrity. If cars are tinted, we think of movie stars and singers, people of power and those in charge of the country. Tinted car windows are a mark of status, and you can get that mysterious status with dark window tint in your own vehicle, and while you cannot tint the front window, you can the passenger windows and the back! You can be seen to have high importance when you tint the windows, but you have to make sure that you are legally compliant with the state laws. Some states don’t allow you to go too dark, and you can be subjected to a fine if you don’t pay attention!

7. Go For The Wheels

We talked about spinning rims, but you can go for fancy wheels too on your car to make it look better than ever. For a small price you can add chrome wheels or a really sparkly alloy. You can encourage a high-end look with the right tyres, too, and the pattern you choose for your wheels will really speak to those who you want to show a high-end look to! You can choose wheels that are the same size as your current one, and you can then use the same tyres and save money as a result. You can then make your money go further with your upgrade. Determining the wheel finish is important if you want to have that shiny look that catches the eye. You can get a machined face or even painted and colored wheels if you don’t want the chrome look, too. Red wheels to match a red car, for example, is a good way to give your car an aesthetic upgrade.

8. Keep Your Car Repaired

By staying on top of repairs for your car, you can ensure that your car looks good. If the car is leaking or rattling, or the hood is smoking, you can ensure that your car looks as high end as possible you need to have a car that functions, otherwise there is no point in making your car more attractive. It has to run well, first, and you have to fix any issues that are causing noise. Noises make your car sound cheap: you want that car purring properly and that means repairing exhausts, leaks and replacing the muffler as needed. If your belts are squealing and loud, those may need replacing and taking your car to a mechanic for a once-over is important. Whileyou’re thinking about repairs, the fluid leaks and oils need to be monitored at all times and if you are noticing any oily spots, you need to speak to a mechanic. No high-end car looks good when there are leaks all over. Regular vehicle maintenance is a must, as you don’t want to be that car with an open hood on the side of the road if you can avoid it. A well-maintained car is one that works and continues to work whenever you need it to.

With the right care and time, your car will look as high end as you like. A few accessories, accents and details will help your car to remain in the best possible repair. Upgrades are a must from time to time, why not book it in now?