Understanding Car Breakdown Policies

Owning a car comes with various expenses and risks such as the likely possibility of a breakdown in the middle of nowhere. Every car owner has experienced this at least once and they know how important it is to invest in a good car breakdown policy such as the AA breakdown cover.

Whether you are on the way to catch a flight, a very important appointment, home in time for dinner or just a leisurely drive around the city, having your car breakdown is absolutely annoying and expensive. This is where the value of a breakdown policy comes in and if you decide to invest in one, you have to know everything you can about what it is and what to look for to know that you are purchasing a good car breakdown policy.

What Type of Cover Do You Need?

When you are planning to take a breakdown cover for your vehicle, you have to decide on the type of coverage. There are two type of coverage: personal and vehicle based.

Personal-based cover – This will protect you from breakdown irrespective of the car that you are riding. This is ideal for people who are constantly out for a drive, those who often travel with others and those who are driving more than one vehicle.  Due to the flexibility of this cover, it is a highly economical option.

Vehicle-based cover – This coverage protects whoever is driving the vehicle. This is best for those who only drive a single car or those who are sharing the vehicle with a partner. This is a cheaper option as this provides assistance to whoever happens to drive the vehicle when it breaks down.

Coverage Level

When you are in the market for a car breakdown policy, it is ideal to match the features that you need to your traveling habits. This way, you won’t have to pay for coverage that will not be useful to you. In general, there are 5 coverage levels in a car breakdown policy:

  1. Roadside Assistance. This happens to be the basic breakdown coverage which is offered by various insurance companies. This covers roadside assistance and towing to the car repair shop nearest to where your car broke down. Labor is usually free for up to an hour but, in most cases, you have to pay for the replaced parts needed to fix the car.
  2. Home Start. This protection covers roadside assistance and this can be claimed whether the vehicle breaks down on the road or at home. Some providers even throw in vehicle recovery in this deal.
  3. Vehicle Recovery. Typically, the standard level of this coverage includes roadside assistance. However, if your car can’t be fixed on the roadside, your vehicle together with your passengers can be given a ride anywhere in the UK. The maximum number of passengers who can be transported varies depending on the policy but it is usually 7.
  4.  Onward Travel. By far, this happens to provide the most comprehensive coverage in a breakdown policy as it includes roadside assistance and extends the coverage to accommodations or hiring a new car to transport you while your vehicle in under repair.
  5. European Breakdown. This policy is perfect for people who are planning to travel abroad. This can cover travels anywhere in the continent for a year or for a single trip. This coverage will typically include round the clock assistance, recovery of the car to the UK should it turn out to be beyond repair and roadside assistance provided by one of those local car repair shops.

Once you have made up your mind as to the type and level of coverage, you have to choose an insurance company that will provide you with a cheap but great breakdown policy.