Top 5 Simple Off-Road Performance Upgrades

When it comes to hobbies, nothing compares to taking your four-wheel off the road for some good old fashioned fun and hijinks. However, if you want to make sure that your excursions don’t damage your ride or cause long-term problems, it’s best if you upgrade certain parts of your rig beforehand. From Bilstein 4600 shocks to a new air filter, these are the five items that should be improved ASAP:


#1 Tires

Typically speaking, the ones that come standard on your ride are designed for the street as well as some light off-roading. Therefore, if you really want to take on some slippery or treacherous terrain, then you need something much more aggressive than a set of stock tires. Ideally, you’ll get ones that match the kind of environment you run into the most, such as mud, sand, or gravel.


#2 Shocks

While the tires are important to keep your four-wheeler grounded, if you don’t have the shocks to keep up with the terrain then you can do some serious damage to your rig. As we mentioned, Bilstein Shocks are top-quality, so be sure to install them before you take on anything too crazy.


#3 Air Intake

To quickly improve your vehicle’s performance, you want to make sure that it’s getting enough air, and that the air is super clean. Get high-quality air filters and intake valves and you’ll see the difference immediately.


#4 Method Rims

Just like the tires and shocks, your rims will take a beating out on the trail. Method makes some incredible models that can withstand almost anything. If you’re going to change out the tires, then you have to upgrade the rims as well.


#5 Rear Disc Brakes

The ones that come stock on your rig are not designed to handle the kind of environments you crave, so it’s imperative that you upgrade so that you aren’t left slipping and sliding all over the place. Rear disc brakes improve stopping power by about 30%, which can make a huge difference on the trail.


Overall, the best thing to do is make smart upgrades that will improve your ride’s performance. Then, once you’ve taken care of all that you can, start to mess with the appearance and cosmetic changes.