Tips that will Help you to Buy a Used Car

A car that is one year old is way cheaper when compared to a brand-new car. If you’re on a budget then this is a fantastic way to save money and with these tips, you can be sure to find something that not only suits your budget, but also your driving requirements as well.

Saving Money

If you really need to save, then you need to start out by looking for a car that has a smaller engine. If you have to choose between a 1.0 and a 2.0 engine then you may be tempted to go with the 2.0 because it has a much more powerful engine. This may be the case. But it is also much more expensive to run. Petrol cars also tend to be cheaper when compared to diesel, but in the long-run, diesel is cheaper to buy at the pump. If you want to save even more then you need to try and opt for a manual car. Switching between gears is extra work but it will help you to save money on fuel and when you combine this with the above benefits, you will soon see that it can have a huge impact on your overall expense.


Once you have decided on the car that you want, you then need to know how to go about getting the best deal. Dealers have targets that they need to meet, and they also have various bonuses to try and take advantage of as well. Typically these are based on the amount of quarterly sales that they need to make. For this reason, you need to try and buy at the end of March, December and even September as well. If you are buying from a private seller then there probably is never going to be a good or even a bad time. You should however try and haggle the price as much as possible, as this will help you to save a small fortune on your expenses.

What you Need from a Car

Before you start browsing for the right car, you need to start by thinking about what you really need from it. There is no point in you going out and buying a two-seat convertible if you are planning on starting a family soon. There is also no point in you buying a huge car if you are single and only need it to drive to and from work. By working out your requirements, you can be sure to find the perfect car, and this will absolutely make it worth the money. Here’s some insight into some of the best car dealerships around, so you can start the viewing process.

Part Exchanging

Believe it or not, part-exchanging your car can save you a lot of hassle but it is not going to save you money. You can get up to 30% more for your car by selling it privately and this can make a huge difference to your budget. When you are selling your car, you have to be ready to accept any offers that might be slightly lower than what you’re looking for. If you want to get around this then list your car a little higher in price. When you do this, people will put in a lower offer for a price you’d be happy to accept.