Tips on Keeping Your Gun Secure in Your Car

If you carry a gun you do so for your own security, and this is never more important than when you are in your car. There are dangerous places to pass through in every town and city, places where you may find you are at the mercy of unscrupulous people who may not act as you would expect, and it is always helpful to have a gun close at hand. What can you do to make sure your gun is safe and secure in your car?

We thought it was worth looking at some of the best ways to enhance the security of your firearms when they are kept in the car, so here’s some advice we have found.

Out of Sight

This is the first, common sense tip when it comes to keeping a gun in the car; you don’t want it in plain sight where everyone can see it. That’s inviting trouble. If you’re stopped at lights, anyone can surprise you by reaching in and grabbing your gun, and before you know it, that’s one lost gun in your name on the streets. The first thing to do, then, is keep your gun out of sight. It’s also not sensible to carry a gun around loose in your car – and in many states it is illegal to do so – so that brings us on to the next point.

Install a Safe

This is an often-overlooked point, but one that is very important when it comes to gun security. You need to look at putting a car gun safe in your vehicle. These come in a variety of different types and sizes, and can be fitted in various places. If you need a safe in the car, you could fit it in the glove compartment, or some are bolted into the footwell for easy access but limited visibility to others. If your gun is for use when you reach a destination, it may be that you want to put a gun safe in the trunk for added security.

The most important tip we can give is that you install the best car gun safe you can afford. The choice is comprehensive as there are many on the market, so you need to look at the strength of the steel outer, and also how it locks. Some are key locks, others combination, and some are biometric – these are the best by far – while there are models that offer a combination of each. Check out the best gun safes for your car, and make sure you get one that is as secure as it can be.

Restrict Access

one very important factor when you carry a gun in your vehicle is who has access to it. You don’t want just anyone to be able to take and use your gun as and when they need it, as that can lend you in a lot of trouble! This is one reason why biometric gun safes are among the most popular and secure; they usually require a fingerprint recognition to open them – and often a set of keys or a combination too – and you can choose only to programme them for certain persons. That way, no stranger – or no unauthorised persons – can get hold of your gun illegally or without your knowledge.

Keep Ammo Safe

It’s not just the guns you have to think about, it’s your ammunition too. Also, if you are carrying shotguns or rifles to a hunt or shoot, you need them to be secure too. That’s why it pays to look very closely at the range of car gun safes – and they are suitable for other vehicles too – that are readily available for fitting to your vehicle. There are plenty that are suitable for storing ammunition as well as guns, and those that can fit larger weapons, so you will be certain to find a model that is perfect for your guns.

Fitting a safe to your car for keeping your guns in is not just a great idea, in some states it is a legal requirement. They are not expensive and the level of security they provide depends on the strength and type of gun safe you decide on. It is worth taking advice from your local gun shop, or asking friends who have guns, as to which one will be right for you, and make sure you also get someone to fit it securely. Having a gun safe in your car means added peace of mind, so check it out now.