Tips for New Drivers When Getting Their First Car

Your first car: a rite of passage and the ultimate prize for all those hours you’ve put into revising the highway code and practicing three-point turns over the past year and a bit. Every year, over 500,000 people are faced with the exciting task of finding their first car, buying it, and getting it on the road after passing their practical driving test. And with the new found freedom of being able to travel anywhere at their fingertips, it’s no surprise that the new drivers, especially those of a younger generation who are even more eager for a taste of freedom, independence and adulthood, rush into getting their first car parked on their driveway. But this major step in life should be taken with caution, if you don’t want to regret it! Here are some tips on how you can make the most of this momentous time in your life.

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Firstly, the age old debate: should you buy a vehicle outright or get it on finance? Three quarters of new cars in the UK are currently bought on finance, so it certainly seems that financing is currently the go-to option, and if you go to any car manufacturers’ website, you’ll see extensive adverts for finance schemes on new cars. For £166 a month you can have a limited edition Corsa ecoFLEX sat on your driveway; and here are some other car finance deals. But that £166, when alongside the high insurance costs of a new driver, could become costly (excuse the pun). Is it not best to buy a car outright, that won’t induce too high of an insurance premium? Here are the best cars for new drivers in 2017 — a list comprised of the best cars for the best prices.

And when you are eventually on the road in your own little vehicle of freedom, make sure to check some of the risks new drivers take on the road, and try not to take them yourself! New drivers, especially new and young drivers, are expected to be reckless behind the wheel, which is why the insurance premiums are so high. The best way to beat the critics, and the costs, is to not only drive safely, but to show them you are driving safely. Sound advice would be to have a tracking device installed in your car in order to show your insurance company that you are a driver to be trusted, and to bring your costs down. Click here for more help with getting the cheapest, and best, insurance deals to see you covered for your first year of driving.

Most importantly, enjoy this time of getting to know both the road, and yourself as a driver. It’s a huge achievement in your life and it’s time to celebrate that you’ve achieved it. But please, make sure not to celebrate too much if you are planning on driving that night!