Tips for Improving Your Car Dealership Website

Given how lucrative the used car market is and how there has been a greater emphasis on sales being made online, you need to make sure your dealership web presence is on point. You may have the best deals in your local area, but if people can’t get to your website or don’t enjoy using it, you might be losing out on a large number of potential sales.

To help give your business a fighting chance we have put together the following list of tips to help you have success in the increasingly digitised world we find ourselves in.

Leverage Customer Reviews, Comments and Testimonials

If you are not using reviews submitted by previous customers or displaying testimonials from buyers, we would have to ask you why not? This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to build trust for your business and brand online. Why can we say that?

  • It helps to eliminate doubts that potential customers may have regarding your dealership
  • It shows how satisfied your customers have been with your company in the past
  • It helps encourage customers to take the next step and act

There’s also the fact that it is incredibly easy to implement reviews and testimonials. For instance, sites like TrustPilot have special widgets you can use on your site.

Use A Gallery of High Resolution, Professional Quality Images

While it’s true that most customers who are truly interested in buying a vehicle from your dealership will arrange to come and visit it and check it out in person, it’s the images they see on your site that will draw them in. Even if they have a make and model in mind that they want to buy, you still need to show off the car in all its glory.

One great way to do this is, space permitting, is by investing in a car showroom turntable. These allow you to get lots of different angles and shots to show off all the best bits (and make the worst bits look better). It can be hard to set up a car or camera to take in all those curves and lines. With a turntable, you don’t need to worry as you can just spin the car around to the position you want and take those snaps.

You can find out more about using turntables by visiting UKT360.

Don’t Cut Corners When It Comes to SEO

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO for short, is more important than you may realise and not something you want to take for granted. You could have the best lot of cars for sale and even a snazzy and well-thought-out and designed website, but what good is it if no-one actually visits it?

That’s where SEO is important. Whether you decide to do it yourself or employ the services of an SEO agency, you can utilise keyword research and other SEO tactics to get your site higher in the ranks. The simple maths is – the higher your dealership website ranks in the search engine results, the more traffic it will get.