The Safety Tips You Need If You Want To Drive As Part Of Your Job

Most of us learn to drive in our teens so that we have the freedom to enjoy a great night out. There’s something particularly embarrassing about having to call your parents for a lift home every evening. Having your own car and a license to drive it means you can get where you want to go at your convenience. It also means there is a much greater choice of jobs open to you when you’re ready to boost your career.

Now you can commute to work and reach those places of employment off the beaten track. You can also take roles that involve driving a company car too. This includes sales jobs or roles where you need to meet suppliers and clients. If you work in retail management, chances are you would need to visit the other stores in the chain. There are thousands of jobs that you would need a driving license for. Why not take additional driving qualifications? You might become eligible for employment opportunities where driving is the job.

There are several things you should consider before steering yourself toward a career on the road. Your job as a driver can be fraught with many dangers. Make sure you have the right training and protection to reduce the risks and keep you safe:

Bus/Train/Tram Driver

Would you like to operate a vehicle classified as public transport? You will need to undertake additional driving training and testing. Beyond the knowledge of extra signals and routes, you’ll also need to be good with the public. Bus drivers, in particular, often have to speak to their customers, and may need to handle cash transactions. Some customers can be a little worse-for-wear after a night out, so you need to be certain you can handle the difficult customers too.

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Access for all and equal opportunities are hot topics across public transport. Can you be certain you can provide a good level of service for every customer, regardless of the background or abilities? Your job could be in danger, and you might even be sued personally if you fail in your duties here.

Truck Driver

Many of us love the idea of driving the heaviest goods vehicles. There is something very appealing about all that power. Aside from the additional training, you need to consider your terms of employment. Are you an employee, or are you a contractor? Whose responsibility is it to make sure you are healthy, fit, and safe while you work? If there were an accident, you would probably need to speak to a specialist lawyer to find out who can help you. Check out websites like for more information on this topic.

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Truck drivers are needed for delivering goods. They are also used by bands to transport the musician’s equipment. Exhibitions often require the transport of display models and products. All of this means the job can be quite varied. You might also need to physically load and unload what you carry. Are you up for this varied and challenging role?

Taxi Driver

Just like other public transport drivers, the taxi driver will need to be customer facing. Unlike other forms of public transport, there is no dedicated route or timetable. Journeys may be short hops or need to cover hundreds of miles. This kind of work is often self-employed in nature, so you may not have the protection of an employer. Of course, the freedom to call your own hours might be very appealing.

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Many taxi drivers work late at night picking up partygoers and helping them to get home safe. Of course, the more rowdy customers can be difficult to contend with. You may be at risk of violence or other forms of assault. Staying safe, especially while driving, is essential. It’s best to use a radio service provider that will log your pickups and monitor you.

Unlike most of the other driving jobs, you can usually expect some tips to boost your income. This can make some of the hassles of the role a little more palatable. Many taxi drivers use CCTV in their cars to give themselves added protection. This kind of role comes with plenty of distractions. It’s important you can stay focused. After all, accidents can cost you your livelihood.

Van Driver

Delivery drivers that provide local deliveries are higher in demand now than ever before. This is due to the unprecedented rise in online shopping. All those goods are delivered directly to the door of the customer. Many customers also prefer their groceries to be delivered, rather than having to battle the checkouts at the supermarket. Needless to say, there are plenty of driving jobs out there if you want one.

Some van drivers work exclusively for a single business. You might deliver flowers and gifts for a local florist. This kind of work could see you earning some tips from your work too. Of course, many delivery drivers are self-employed, working to deliver for some of the world’s biggest online retailers. This means you won’t earn unless you deliver. Any type of illness or accident could seriously restrict your income. In this case, it’s best to ensure you have insurance or an alternative source of income to see you through.

This kind of work is quite high-risk for road traffic accidents too. Most van drivers have to navigate narrow streets in built up neighborhoods. You might have to drive throughout the busy cities too. It’s important to take plenty of breaks and give yourself plenty of time to reach each of your destinations. Roadworks and traffic jams can be really infuriating when your income depends on arriving on time. You might need to use services like to find the latest updates.

Driving is a tough job to take on. The type or roles you might take on can offer a lot of freedom and extra income from tips. Of course, sitting in a vehicle all day can also take its toll on your health if you’re taking plenty of breaks. Would you use your driving license to earn a living?