The New Car Newsreel: How To Buy

If you have made the decision to buy a car you must have given considerable time to pondering which one to buy, whether to buy new or old, colour, the list goes on and on. But taking the decision to buy a new car must not come lightly, sure, the positives are huge yet there are also downsides among the things you must consider. This article seeks to open your eyes to the new car buying game and give you some points to consider before deciding to give up your old car for a new one.

Know The Downsides

You need to know the downsides before you fully commit to it. First, the car will likely lose around 10% of its value as soon as it rolls off the forecourt, if not more. You can mitigate this by buying a car that has been used but is only a year or so old. The instant depreciation of a new car is the biggest downside and can be a huge pain if you quickly decide to sell on. If you know you’ll keep the car for a long time and don’t mind this then there is no problem.


Consider What You Need It For

There are dozens of stunning new 2017 car releases on the horizon, but before jumping at the first car you see really consider it and the life you need. If you are often driving down rickety country roads then perhaps a sports car is not for you and you would benefit off a 4×4 like a range rover. Family matters too, if you have kids you need a car with space. If you are particularly sensitive to the needs of the environment then you should consider an electric car or perhaps a hybrid. Don’t get pulled in on looks alone, really make sure it has everything you need before you go ahead and part with any hard earned cash.

Be Careful At The Dealership

Buying a new car isn’t the same as buying a used one. They always try to sell you a warranty, but with a new car you want it. Buy it, no matter what. Sometimes things go wrong, and if it has only been briefly tested, as a new car would have, you’ll want to make sure you can bring it back if it is faulty. There are faults in everything, mistakes happen, but you don’t want to be out of pocket. A shrewd haggler may be able to get this for free. You should really try to knock the price down, it is certainly doable especially because new cars are quite expensive. Dealers are always looking to hit targets, they want to sell the car. Play hard to get and you can really get a deal. Remember, seasonal changes matter. If you want a sports car, buy it in winter, not summer. Vice versa for a wintery based 4×4. Do your research and play the game, only then will you get the best deal for your new car.