The Ins And Outs Of Taking Care Of Your Car During Summer

Taking care of your car is important at any time of year. However, many people don’t realize that you’re going to need to do different things in the blistering heat, compared with the freezing cold. Here are a few tips that will help you to take better care of your car during the summer time:

Check And Refill Your Coolant

One of the most essential things you’ll do for your car at this time of year is check and refill your coolant/anti-freeze. This ensures your car is running well in extreme temperatures!

Tyre Pressure

Check for your car’s own specifications when it comes to tyre pressure, and make sure they are at a safe level. Ideally, they will be at the maximum recommended level for optimum performance. This will reduce the chance of your tyres bursting.

Pay Attention

You’re wearing your shades speeding down the road with your music on full blast, when all of a sudden, you get into an accident. Whether big or small, this is going to affect you in some way. Make sure you pay attention. Just because it’s summer doesn’t give you a pass to drive like a lunatic!

Check Your Engine Belt

Make sure your engine belt hasn’t deteriorated or come loose in any way. If you see cracks or any other issues, you’ll need to replace it.

Cars have come a long way in recent years, so in some cases you might find that they look after themselves! Just take a look at the infographic below to see the history of economical car engines. 

Credit to AllCarLeasing