The Importance Of Oil To Your Engine

When you get your driving licence and first start driving on the road, one of the biggest pieces of maintenance advice people will give you is that you need to perform oil checks as often as possible on your car. Failing to do this could have some huge consequences, and a lot of people will find this part of driving to be very stressful. In reality, though, knowing that something is important is only half of the battle, and it’s also critical to know why it is important. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring the things which oil does for your car, along with the issues you could face without it.

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A Lubricant: Given that the engine in your car is always moving, being well-lubricated is an essential attribute which your car needs to have. Oil can play this role very well, making the moving parts in your car nice and slick, while also preventing noise and making the vehicle run smoother. All machines need some sort of lubrication, especially when they are moving so quickly.

A Coolant: When you have a lot of movement in a tight space, along with combustion going on, you tend to get a lot of heat building up. While your engine is made from metal, this rising temperature could have a huge impact on your car’s performance. To avoid this issue, oil is used to keep things cool, making use of the fact that it is already essential to the car. Of course, most cars also have radiators, and these will also help to keep things chilly.

Changing It: Checking your oils levels should be an incredibly easy job, and most car manuals will have all of the details you need to handle this without any trouble. This should be done at least once a month, along with after any journeys which take longer than you would usually drive for. If you need to change your oil, it’s worth doing it right away, as this will impact the performance of your car going into the future. You won’t need a mechanic for this, though watching some YouTube videos could be very helpful.

Life Without It: Living without oil in your car is a very risky game. Even on short drives, this could cause your engine to seize up, creating a costly set of repairs to have done. You can’t fix an engine when it is found in this state. Instead, it simply has to be replaced by a company like, and this isn’t worth it for the sake of keeping up with a small routine. Of course, when you first get started, it could be hard to remember this, and you might need some help from those around you.

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Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start considering the oil your car needs more than ever before. While this part of your car is likely to last for a very long time, it’s always worth performing manual checks to ensure that low-levels aren’t going unnoticed. Of course, like any machine, a car needs to be looked after, and a big part of this is the oil it consumes.