The Essential Guide To Adrenaline Junkie Driving Experiences

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So, you love driving. Of course you do, otherwise, why would you have stumbled across this little piece of the Internet. You love nothing more than putting the pedal to the metal and hearing the engine roar. While driving may be a pastime for you, there may come a time when you want to challenge your driving skill set a little more. With the emergence of gift experiences comes the driving experience. Admittedly, some of them can be pretty lame. One lap around a race track as a passenger crammed in a touring car with three other people doesn’t sound like the best use of your time. However, some are exceptional such as being able to driving a Maserati from Adrenaline Luxury Rentals. They’ll get your adrenaline pumping and show you a whole new side of driving. Take a look at how you can flex your petrol head muscles.

Off Roading

If you think driving is all about speed, you’d be wrong. By booking yourself onto an off roading experience, you’ll be learning an entirely new way of navigating tricky and often treacherous terrain. Sand dunes, rocks, swamps, and water fords make for a fun and exhilarating driving experience. This is why Sand Hollow State Park is an off road mecca for beginners with their organized trails utilizing the stunning natural landscape to create challenging off road trails.

You’ll need to understand the horsepower of your vehicle, develop your knowledge of traction control and think more strategically about your driving. For those drivers who love puzzles, working out how to cross a tricky boulder filled terrain, and who recognize that there’s more to driving than speed, off roading is the perfect adrenaline inducing driving activity.

Rally Driving

For those individuals who are sick of the daily commute, the monotony of the same journeys day in, day out, and who desire some new scenery, rally driving could be the answer. The thrill of racing a custom built car through forest trails and muddy terrain without a traffic light in sight is the stuff of dreams. With some expert tuition, you could find yourself learning about skid control, how to take corners efficiently and managing speed in perilous conditions. Power sliding in your Subaru Impreza, with a fully qualified rally driver by your side, you could discover a whole new side to your driving hobby.

Classic Cars

Sometimes, speed isn’t the answer to your driving dreams. While you love the thrill of getting up to 60 mph as fast as humanly possible as much as the next petrol head, you also want a more refined experience. Heading to a local classic car show could see you taking a stunning 1960s MG or an Alfa Romeo Spider for a spin. With the roof down and the wind in your hair, you could be driving a living piece of social history around a race track.

Don’t think that you always have to change up your driving experience with a ‘need for speed’ style day out. There are plenty of alternative ways to get your adrenaline junkie driving kicks.