The Driving Skills We Can All Improve On (That Doesn’t Involve Parking)


We all feel we are safe on the road, but this is the perspective of one person: you! When it comes to driving skills and the improvements of said skills, we go by our own initiative after we’ve passed our test. This can be quite a rude awakening, but as they say, you will learn more when you go out onto the road. But, we all learn bad habits. We all know we have bad habits because when we think back to our driving lessons, we wouldn’t do certain things. So, with that in mind, what are the bad habits and bad skills every single one of us can improve on?

Leaving The Phone In Our Periphery

It seems that if you look around you at a red light or a stop sign, the chances are that you will see someone taking a quick glance at their phone. Now, it’s illegal to use your phone at all while driving, but the temptation to see if someone’s text you back shouldn’t be so much that you take your attention off the road for a second. Florida Law Group lists the common causes of car accidents and distracted driving is on the list. The overriding feature of distracted driving nowadays is looking at our phones. Instead, take it out of your sight, and put it in flight mode.

Not Using Our Mirrors

It gets to the point where we are very lazy when it comes to our mirrors. We fail to do the three-point check, or even the mirror, signal, maneuver approach when driving. Instead, we just click on the indicator, and, technically, hope for the best. But, positioning your mirrors is something that people don’t do right. The whole idea of your blind spot can be fixed by positioning your mirrors properly. And when you do this right, you will get a 360-degree view of what is going on around you, so you will be incredibly safe.

Merging Into Traffic

It seems that when it comes to merging into traffic, the types of drivers fall into two categories, the polite people who take their place long before an exit, and the lane cutters who are so aggressive and in a rush that they don’t even indicate. Merging into traffic can be stressful, especially if you are ill-equipped to judge a gap properly, but the best approach is to remain calm and zipper merge, where all cars remain in their lanes and take turns.

Being in a rush is the one dominating factor when it comes to people driving badly, and we’ve all driven a bit too close to the car in front of us, but as far as driving skills are concerned, we can always stand to benefit from a little improvement. While distracted driving, sheer ignorance of the traffic around us, or cutting up people so badly that you nearly caused an accident is something we’ve all been guilty of from time to time, is it worth risking people’s lives over? Of course, it’s not. Take the time to look at your own driving habits, and think, would you have done this during your test? Probably not.