The BMW M8: Where Luxury And Performance Meet

Unsplash – CC0 License

The M8 is one of the most popular cars BMW has ever made. But what makes it so loved across the world? 

The primary factor driving the vehicle’s popularity is its performance. The car M8 carried the “M” moniker, which is short for “Motorsports.” Cars carrying the M bad have won numerous races across the world, including the legendary 24 hour race at Le mans. 

The 2020 BMW M8 draws on this pedigree. It takes all of the racing knowledge gleaned by the company over the years and adds extra luxuries to make the driving experience even more unique. This is certainly a German performance car you want in your garage.


Unsplash – CC0 License

On the exterior, the lines are precisely what you would expect from BMW. The four-door version of the car is functional and attractive. And thanks to its shape, it is just about suitable as a family car.

The headlight design is also attractive. You get full daytime LED headlamps, turn signals and the new design for the daytime halo around the edge of each bulb. BMW also equips the vehicle with adaptive headlights which switch on and off, depending on whether other cars are approaching or not. The lights are also able to pivot, meaning that they steer with your steering wheel, allowing you to look around corners and bends. 

Also at the front are massive air intakes for cooling the radiator and the engine. BMW deliberately makes these bigger than they need to be on the majority of its models. However, the M8 actually benefits from the additional airflow from the side fenders as well as the main front grille, and the grille in the center of the front bumper. 

The front fascia on the 2020 version of the vehicle extends a couple of inches out in front of the car. This feature gives it a little extra downforce and also prevents the air from lifting the vehicle from underneath. Overall, the sensation you get in the driver’s seat is one of more control. 

The vehicle appears low and wide at the front – a change BMW made to appeal more to the North American market. And this makes the car appear more stretched out compared to other BMWs in the range, such as the M2. 

The wheels are also impressive. One popular option is BMW’s 20-inch alloys wrapped in the Pilot Sport tires. These low-profile options keep the car close to the ground and provide additional traction and roll resistance as you turn around corners sharply. 


Once you pop the hood though, the real magic happens. Opening it up reveals the M8’s twin turbocharged engine and drivetrain. The engine itself is beautifully displayed and comes with attractive covering panels, again with the M badge. 

The 4.4-liter engine generates a massive 600 bhp, offering 553 lb-ft of torque, launching the car from zero to sixty in about 3 seconds. It also comes with an 8-speed steptronic transmission, allowing you to flick through the gears as you climb to high speeds easily. 

Because the 2020 M8 uses xDrive technology, the power from the engine goes to all four wheels. This gives the car more traction, especially when accelerating from lower speeds. 

There’s also a dual oil pan which monitors oil pressure continuously. So if you take the car for a track day, the vehicle will always provide accurate feedback on oil levels, prompting you when you need to top it up. 


The M8 interior is spectacular, as you might expect. Perhaps the biggest draw is the attractive door panels. If you choose the leather treatment, you can get these in tan with beautiful stitchwork and design. The doors also feature brushed metal speaker covers with multiple metal buttons for choosing your seat position, and locking and unlocking the vehicle. 

The speaker itself is also high quality. The car comes with a Bowers-Wilkins setup if you choose the options, providing you with high-quality sound throughout. 

On the dashboard, the stitchwork and metallic detailing continues. Stitching runs along the passenger glove box and then around the car’s built-in infotainment system. On the infotainment system, you get Apple CarPlay, but BMW doesn’t support Android options yet. 

If you want to do spirited driving, you can set the car to performance mode using options in the touchscreen display. You can also adjust the AC controls for both sides of the cabin. 

Wrapping Up

The M8, therefore, is a luxury performance car with virtually no compromises. It’s fast, handles well and provides as much comfort as a luxury executive car.