The Best Used Cars for Teenagers

Choosing a car for a teenager is not a decision to be made lightly! You would be alarmed at some of the statistics regarding accidents involving teenagers driving cars – let’s just say there are a lot of them – and you want a car that is safe, reliable and as inexpensive as possible to buy, run, insure and maintain.

We had a look around at the used car market and did our research as to the makes and models that are recommended for youngsters, using the following criteria:

  • Cost – we have looked at models from the 2013 to 2015 model years, so depreciation has done its worst!
  • Reliability – these are models with proven reliability
  • Safety rating – all of these choices are considered safe vehicles

Let’s have a look at the most frequently suggested used cars for teenagers.

Buick Verano – 2014 – 2015

One of the most popular of all used cars, the Buick Verano is quite a stylish model for a small car, and is very highly rated in terms of crash testing and reliability. Both model years score 4.5/5 in the J.D. Power ratings – an authority source – so you can rest assured it will get your kids home! These are well-equipped cars too – look for a model with rear-view camera and parking sensors, forward collision warning and other driver aids, and you should be prepared to pay around $14,000 for a good 2014 model.

GMC Terrain – 2014

The SUV is a trendy vehicle for a youngster, and the GMC Terrain is the best choice of small SUV as a used vehicle. Good, chunky and solid looks make it popular with youngsters, and it has enough space inside to make it a fine family vehicle – so you can share and save money. Search carefully as there are many for sale, and look for features such as forward collision alert, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning and more driver aids. This one gets a J.D. Power reliability rating of 5/5 – a perfect score – and you should pay around $16,000.

Toyota Camry – 2015

Toyota has become a byword for reliable and dependable cars, and the 2015 Camry is a very fine choice of medium-sized car for a young driver. It’s a good-looking car so your kid can impress his or her friends, it comes with a 4.5 reliability rating, and with a rear view camera as standard. There were many more driver aids available as extras, so look for a model with these included. You might also want to check out the Camry Hybrid, which returns very impressive economy, Be prepared to pay around $16,000 for a car which is the outstanding model in this class.

Those are the three most commonly recommended used cars in three different classes of vehicle, and each is a very good choice for drivers new to the road. Each is also a very popular model so you have a buyer’s market – shop around and you’ll find a model that suits you perfectly, at a sensible price.