The Best Tyres For This Summer

The summer season is soon upon us and this is when most drivers like to make the most out of the vehicles. Thanks to the warmer weather and the longer periods of daylight, the summer is a great time to drive on new roads, see new places and generally appreciate your car.

Of course, to get the most of your car, you also need the right tyres. To get the most out of the warmer weather and (typically) drier conditions, the right summer tyres can greatly enhance your driving experience. So, just what makes the best tyre for the warmer season?

The Best Summer Tyres

In the summer, you want a tyre that can handle various conditions. Premium summer tyres offer excellent grip in the dry, but the best offer high grip in the rain too – don’t forget that the warmer months still experience rainfall.

This is best achieved by the grooves and sipes along the tyre, as this helps disperse water out and away from the contact patch. By ensuring your car maintains contact with the road, you can maintain the high level of performance you expect from your ride.

If excellent performance in the wet is essential to you, then Uniroyal tyres are very well known for this. Their Rainexpert tyres are designed to excel in this area. Of course, if you live in a dry area such as California, this might not be a priority for you.

Fuel Efficient Driving

On the other hand, other drives want tyres that are designed for long distance driving. Here, you want something with low rolling resistance. This represents the resistive forces the car has to work through when driving.

The less resistance there is, the more power can be converted directly into movement. In other words, tyres with lower rolling resistance get the most out of your engine. If you have a powerful car, this is something that will truly make your car feel great behind the wheel.

Of course, as an added bonus, this means you need to use less fuel in the long run. With good summer tyres – such as the Dunlop Sport BluResponse – you can last much longer on one tank. This is highly noticeable when you compare it to your winter fuel useage. If you drive long distances, as many of us like to do during the summer, economic tyres like this will help to keep the costs down to a minimum.

What About All-Season Tyres?

Of course, some drivers prefer all-season tyres as a year-round alternative. However, if you’re looking for the best summer performance, this isn’t the best option – stick with dedicated summer options.

This is because summer tyres, like winter products, are designed to perform in a specific season. The compound works better in warmer temperatures and the tread offers dry grip, wet grip and plenty of fuel-efficient driving. An all-season model, alternatively, has to compromise many of these parameters to bring in additional winter features.