The Best Protection for Alloy Wheel Rims

Many of us own cars that we take a great deal of pride in, whether they are our daily driver or perhaps a cherished or classic car for leisure use. Some people have cars they like to take to shows, others simply enjoy driving them, but for all of us there’s one major problem: the UK roads! It goes without saying that the state of some roads in this country is extremely poor indeed. Surfaces frequently need replacing thanks to overuse, and many potholes pepper the roads in both urban and rural areas. Hitting a pothole can cause a surprising amount of damage, especially if a car is fitted with alloy wheels.

Alloy wheels are easily damaged by bumps and knocks and, as well as the damage caused to the way they look, this can lead to tyres deflating as the air may leak out of any gaps. They are also expensive to have refurbished, so what is the answer to the problem? Sometimes it’s hard to avoid potholes and kerbs – when it’s dark, for example – so the best option is to have a car fitted with alloy wheel protection rims from Ultimotive. These brilliant Anti Scuff protectors go that step further than the sprays on the market, and they do a great job.

Full and Discreet Protection

You’re probably thinking that the alloy wheel protectors you’ve seen are ugly and will spoil the look of your wheels, and your customers will think the same. The Ultimotive designs are the very latest and are intended to be discreet, attaching to the wheel and barely noticeable. They are also available in different shades so buyers can choose the option that is best for their wheels, and are a universal design for all sizes of wheels.

Protecting alloy wheels is now a necessity, especially as cars are getting wider, and this is by far the best solution around. There are further benefits, including the fact they are UV resistant and will not go brittle, and have been tested as staying in place at up to 125mph – which of course drivers will never reach on the UK roads. There’s no other option quite like these excellent wheel protectors, and they are a great item to stock if you have customers with cherished cars that they drive regularly.

3 Year Warranty

Ultimotive Anti-Scuff Wheel Protectors are intended to be fitted professionally by auto dealers and parts suppliers, and this product is unique to the market. It also comes with a 3-Year guarantee in which Anti Scuff will cover the cost of repairs to alloy wheels that become damaged while correctly fitted with the protectors. That’s a selling point that will go a long way to convincing customers they need this product for their cars.

For all parts suppliers, dealers and bodyshops, Anti Scuff wheel protectors are a great product to stock, so why not check them out further, or get in touch with Ultimotive and have a chat about these and their other product ranges.