The Best Apps For You And Your Car

When it comes to car ownership, things have advanced to the point where we no longer have to take a guess at where we are parked, or what is wrong with our cars. You used to need a toolbox, a map, and a well kitted out glove box. Many new models of car come with their own apps too. To save you having to download, sign-up, then delete when you realize it’s not what you wanted here are a couple of the best apps for you and your car.


Some of us use apple maps, some of us use Google maps, and others use Waze. But what sets Waze apart? Well, the fact that it has up to the minute information on every road you’re going to travel along. It gives you real-time assistance in a way that google maps are lacking. It relies on the fact that a lot of users can provide fast information, couple that with the standard road closures, etc and you have everything you need. Avoid traffic jams, buy cheap gas, and be told when there are radars or police ahead.

Smart Dash Cam

It goes without saying that to get cheaper car insurance and an extra pair of eyes if you ever have a crash that a dash cam is ideal. If you have a video of the incident, you can provide it to any car accident lawyers, should you need to, as well as police. If you simply can’t afford a dashcam, then you should consider Smart Dash Cam as your new best friend. It does rely on your phones memory and the resolution of your phone camera, but that aside it has some nifty options. You can upload the footage to youtube, record with or without audio and gives you that extra piece of mind.

Photo by Sarmad Mughal from Pexels


Although many newer models of car tend to come with parking and braking sensors, you might be among the millions of people who just don’t have them (and could do with a little help sometimes). If you think you would benefit from a few extra seconds of warning when the car in front has slammed the brakes on, then you might like the iOnRoad app. Using your phone’s camera, and GPS it will give you an estimate of how far the car in front is and ensures that you won’t be tailgating any time soon. This is great for new drivers, people who like to protect those NCDs or those who have just picked up a more modern and perhaps more powerful car. An extra set of eyes always helps.


Install the FIXD Sensor (approx. $59), and you can become the master of your car. When a light pops up on the dash, giving you that sinking feeling you’re going to be spending a lot of cash, simply check the app and you’ll know just how serious (or minor) it really is. It also gives you tips about the state of your car in general (if you’re one of those who actively avoids getting your car serviced).