The Basic Car Parts All New Drivers Need To Know About

As a new driver, you have a very steep learning curve ahead of you. As well as starting to learn the basics of driving and the rules of the road, you also need to understand the basics of car maintenance. Sure, you could just take your vehicle to the nearest mechanic whenever anything goes wrong, but that will end up costing you a lot of money if you take your car in for lots of little jobs. Thankfully, it’s easy to take care of a lot of maintenance on your own. You just need to have a good understanding of some of the parts of the vehicle.

Here are some of the most basic car parts and how you might need to work with them in the future.


The Brakes

The brakes in the car are one of the most important parts. After all, if you weren’t able to use them, then you wouldn’t be able to stop the car and you could put yourself and other road users at risk. It’s worth checking out this website to find out the basics about brakes and the most common reasons why you would need to fix or repair them. In some cases, the job might be too complicated to do yourself, so you might end up taking the vehicle into your nearest garage.


I’m sure that you will already know that a car’s battery can die. More often than not, this happens after a long period during which time the car hasn’t been turned on. So, simply turning on your car’s engine regularly can keep the battery full. If you do find that the battery is dead, you can simply jump start the car with some cables attached to another vehicle. Don’t forget that the battery will start to age after a few years and it might need to be replaced completely eventually.


Do you think that something is wrong with your car’s radiator? This won’t be too difficult to notice, as your vehicle won’t be able to maintain the correct temperature. The most common reasons why a radiator isn’t working as it should is usually that it is leaking. You can quickly fix this by locating the leak and then sealing it with a sealant like K-Seal.

The Steering Wheel

The steering wheel of a car is closely linked to the suspension system, so an issue with the wheel could point to an underlying problem with the suspension. If your car seems to pull to one side, no matter how much you move the steering wheel, it could be a sign that the tread on your tires is really worn down. Swapping them for new tires could make a big difference and improve things.

The Muffler

If you ever hear a loud noise coming from the exhaust, it is a sign that you might need a new muffler. Unfortunately, this is one job that you will need to get a professional mechanic to take care of for you.

Hopefully, this helps you understand your car’s parts!