The ABCs Of Making An Old Car Feel Brand New

There’s nothing quite like driving off the dealer’s forecourt in a brand new motor. But the novelty soon wears off and your car will eventually start to feel dreary.

Unfortunately, we all know that new cars depreciate at a rapid rate. For the vast majority of motorists, sticking with the old vehicle is a necessity. Thankfully, it doesn’t mean you can’t replicate all the joys of having a brand new motor once more.

Whether you’ve just bought a used car, or want to rejuvenate your current vehicle, these three tricks should work wonders. What are you waiting for? Let’s kick your love of motoring back into top gear!


A) Air Vents

Everyone who has ever owned a new car appreciates that fantastic smell. That sweet clean air does something to our brains to force home the fact that you are driving a brand new motor. Replicating that feeling in your old motor will immediately enhance your feelings towards it.

It’s a fairly simple DIY job too. Simply clear the visible parts of the vents with a cotton swab and disinfectant spray before changing the air filter. Follow this up by cleaning the air conditioner’s drain, and those bad smells will be replaced with the fresh scents associated with new vehicles.

Do this job once or year (or when required), and you should find that your fondness of the car lasts much longer.

B) Blemishes

The thing we love about new cars is that every last detail is in perfect condition. Over time, your car is bound to pick up a number of cosmetic damages. While they might not disrupt the performance of your vehicle, it can ruin your feelings towards. After all, no driver wants to see a tacky motor sitting on their driveway.

Repairing scratched bodywork is a simple job using products available in your local automotive centre. The wheels are arguably the most common items to encounter damage, though. Replacement can be costly. But professional alloy wheel refurbishment will provide an equally huge impact on the car’s appearance.

Ensure that the tyre pressure is kept at a suitable level too, and you’ll be guaranteed to have a more enjoyable ride.



C) Computerised Gadgets

The fundamentals of automobiles haven’t changed much. However, the style and execution of those ideas has evolved massively. In this sense, even a car that’s only five years old can feel outdated. Equipping yours with the latest gadgets will soon overcome those problems, though.

Adding the best Sat Navs, Bluetooth systems, and in-car DVD players can make the cabin feel more modern. Meanwhile, those little luxuries can often make driving safer and more comfortable too. Ultimately, that’s only going to enhance your experience behind the wheel. Essentially, that will make it feel like you’re driving a new vehicle altogether.

Of course, you can take things to the next level with additional personal touches. Either way, a little TLC goes a long way. Show your old motor the love it deserves, and you will not regret it.