The 5 Essential Tools Every Home Mechanic Needs

Not only is learning how to fix your car are a great hobby for the weekend, but it could end up saving you some serious money over the long-term. Trips to the mechanic can become pricey really quickly, especially if you’re driving an older model. We’ve come up with our essentials list of tools you’ll need, be warned though, this wont cover the basics like making sure you have a spare tyre, jump leads and a gas can, which you can check out at CarCareNinja! This is for the more ‘advanced’ home mechanic.

220pc Mechanics Tool Set

Did you ever watch your dad fix the family car growing up? He probably had a large tool box that seemed like it had just about every piece imaginable in it. Now it’s your turn with your own mechanics tool set. A 220pc variant like those found here is the standard as far as hobbyists go.

Torque Wrench

Each and every individual nut and bolt in your car requires a precise amount of torque to function as it should. A torque wrench will allow you to apply just the right amount of force you need so that you don’t risk causing any damage, and more problems for yourself, down the line.

Brake Bleeding Kit

No matter how careful you are, all brakes will inevitably wear out. If you start to hear any high-pitched squealing or grinding noises, you’ll know there’s a problem. This is due to a loss of brake fluid in what should be sealed lines, causing air bubbles to build up. To get them out, you’ll have to bleed the lines, which is where this comes in.

Hydraulic Jack and Stand

In the ideal scenario, you won’t have to spend too much time underneath your car. On the odd occasion that you do, though, you’re going to need hydraulic jack and stand to prop it up. This provides simple and safe way to lift and stabilize the vehicle and can be altered to give you as much space as you need. If you drive a pickup or SUV, you’ll need a heavy-duty variant.

Code Reader

Last, but not least, is a code reader. This helps you to diagnose the control modules of your car. Ever had a check engine light blinking on your dashboard but you can’t quite figure out the problem? A code reader will help you with this. While prices can range from $50 all the way into the thousands, you don’t need to spend more than $100 for starters. This little tool could end up saving you hours of your free time.