The 3 Essentials For A Successful Road Trip


Consider the first activity the newly qualified driver will often consider to be the most important goal they have. There might be a few of these. To begin with, they might consider heading to McDonalds or Burger King during lunchtime with their high school friends. From there, they might head on a cinema trip. Then it will come to mind that they could head on a road trip. This will excite them to no end. When this possibility dawns on them, they will likely plan out the entire affair, trying to figure out events they could attend or a long route they could take.

As a parent, or as a young driver, approaching this and planning for it well is essential. A road trip is much different than a simple drive to the local fast food takeout. It requires diligent planning. Luckily, you’re in the right place to make this checklist of preparation easier for you. Consider applying the following:

Route Planning & Maps

Route planning is one of the best methods of keeping good time, preventing getting lost, and driving with confidence and direction. Have your trusty shotgun passenger help guide you, or invest in a GPS system. Ideally, do both. If unsure, take a break and consult the map on paper or via an app on your phone. Route planning is not only useful for helping you get through a location, but can highlight areas of your route you might like to visit, and lend you purpose. Are you hoping to visit every museum along your journey? Are you heading on a food tour? Are you seeing all the weirdest landmarks you can in one state this weekend? Route planning can provide you the backbone of where you go and how long you stay there. Very useful.


What good is a road trip without an incredible list of curated tracks? First, check out the best car amplifiers, and learn how to set EQ and volume so they sound amazing but do not distract you from driving. Then, curate the tunes. Consider burning a special mixtape with your friends, or have the sharpest musical aficionado in your group customize a perfect Spotify playlist downloaded to their mobile. This can help the entire journey feel fun, as there’s nothing quite as beautiful as singing to power ballads with your friends down an open highway. However, just remember to keep safe driving a priority at all times.


A road trip without friends is more like a long and lonely journey. If looking to clear your head this can be incredible. However, a journey shared is a journey enjoyed twice as much. Consider bringing along people who can be trusted in your vehicle, particularly if you’re a new driver. These good friends should know how to be quiet when you need them to be, should know how to respect your vehicle and contribute to the road trip via gas money or another form of recompense. When you’re traveling with the people you most want to, every mile will feel enjoyable.

With these small preparatory efforts, your road trip is sure to be successful, and a memorable experience for all.